Make a Sandwich Save a Life

by Steven Doyle

The SoupMobile was founded in 2003 by David Timothy, whose mission in life is to bring dignity to the over 10,000 homeless in the Dallas area. Timothy, also known as the SoupMan, 200,000 hot meals per year from his mobile kitchen. Each day at noon he serves about 600 hot meals to the city’s homeless.   

There is a way you can help with this effort. Each week SoupMobile distributes 1,000 sandwiches, and you can help make them this weekend. Show up at 3025 Main Street in Deep Ellum with your sandwich making supplies which should include bread, mustard, bologna, and sliced cheese. Also bring along plastic gloves, sandwich bags, cookies and chips. They request no potato chips as they break easily.

Show up at the address in Deep Ellum Saturday morning at 10:30 ready to make sandwiches and have fun knowing you are helping another life. According to the Meet Up group, Friends of Deep Ellum, they made 2,870 sandwiches January 28th in a single hour.

It’s not necessary to sign up or RSVP but it is helpful if you can. Also, if you are not the shopping type you can bring cash and the supplies will be purchased for you. There is always an after party at a restaurant in Deep Ellum for those that are interested. There are other volunteer opportunities with the SoupMobile that may be found here.

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