Pisarro Sells Vspot Cafe

by Steven Doyle

Yesterday Dee Pisarro, owner of Vspot Café located on Henderson Avenue, sold the business to Bill Vance. Pisarro has made headway to open another Vspot in Houston and it will feature much of the same fare which consists of vegan and raw foods, along with a juice bar. In addition, the Houston version of Vspot will offer vegetarian cuisine and a coffee bar. The recipes will be all new.   

“The new location will be in Hyde Park on Montrose. The building has been there since the 40’s. It is really an untapped market since no one is doing what I did here in Dallas,” said Pisarro last evening just after the sale.

The news of this sale is just a month after Pisarro sold Bliss Raw Café & Elixer Bar.

Pisarro looks to open the Houston Vspot in November. We are still awaiting word from the new owner of the Henderson location to see what his intentions might be for the restaurant. According to Pisarro the new owner Vance is a vegan himself.

Read more about Pisarro on craveDFW.


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9 responses to “Pisarro Sells Vspot Cafe

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  2. Purelyblissedoff

    This headline should read ” Delia Pisarro Runs Out of People to Scam and Heads to Houston” . Delia is a thief, she always will be a thief. If Dee’s mouth is open she is lying. http://www.bustedmugshots.com/texas/dallas/delia-pisarro/8296212

    If you have been robbed by Dee you need to contact. Don’t become one of her victims.

    Rebecca Eaton
    Whitaker Chalk Swindle & Schwartz PLLC
    301 Commerce Street, Suite 3500
    Fort Worth, TX 76102
    (817) 878-0544 Phone
    (817) 878-0501 Fax

    • I propose a class action for all of us who have been robbed by this unscrupulous shyster!

    • Carlos Barrios

      I was recently part of a scam created by Delia Pisarro. She claimed that FedEx misplaced the football tickets which I and 7 other individuals paid for the Cowboy and Steelers game in Dec of 2012. We were scammed for over $1,250.00. I have made several attempts to try and recover my money with her just giving me the run around.

  3. Purelyblissedoff

    Dee lost these companies October 1, 2011 in a Fort Worth court. If she sold them it is fictitious.

  4. Magnificent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just too wonderful

  5. Delia Pisarro is a THIEF, LIAR, CON ARTIST, AND SELF-ADMITTED MURDERER! She AT ONE TIME, owned a few restaraunts in Dallas, but couldn’t stop from stealing, scamming and cheating employees and creditors, so she iis now a homeless alcoholic and methamphetamine addict who lives in cheap hotels and lives off of scamming, drug-dealing, ripping people off, selling fake visas and social security numbers to illegal aliens. She stole hundreds of customer credit card numbers from her restaraunt and from her friends candle shop and lived off of them for years. She is the lowest of low bottomfeeders. She spent 15 years in prison but had her records sealed after doing a deal with the police to have drug dealers arrested after being busted again. She is the HOT CHECK QUEEN OF TEXAS. She broke into the home of her JORDON TOMKO of Dallas, pistol-whipped him, hog-tied him and lleft him for dead. She has also singlehandely put several people in prison that have crossed her or that she has seen as a a threat to her by framing them for crimes and paying for testimony from drug addicts and homeless people to corroborate her lies. She is a dangerous and evil person who knows the law well enough to put a completely innocent person in prison for years by annonymous tips and false affidavits and false corroborating testimony. Be careful if you ever run across her…RUN AWAY FROM HER and never let her into your life!!!

    • JP

      Delia Pisarro is going through sex reassignment surgery in Dallaa, Tx. She plans to live on the run as Dean Pisarro.

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