Tei Tei Robata Bar Still The Best

by Steven Doyle   photos by Joey Stewart

Our roving contributing  photographer, Joey Stewart has been busier than ever hitting up the area’s finest sushi digs in Dallas. Today we visit Tei Tei Robata Bar on Henderson which is definitely one of our favorites.

Tei Tei was opened in 1998 by Teiichi Sakurai who is also the owner of Tei-An. Both are highly praised by local critics as Teiichi is the best at his craft. Teeich sold Tei Tei more recently to his chef, Katsutoshi Sakamoto, but you can spot the former owner sitting at the robata bar on any given night.         

Robata is a method of cooking using a hibachi grill, and this style is used today at Tei Tei. Sitting at the bar itself you are able to watch the chefs use their skills cooking the very freshest seafood available in the Dallas area.

The restaurant is dark and there is always a crowd at hand. The buzz is fast paced and full of excitement. This is a place to celebrate and enjoy.

Joey had his way with the menu this week and wishes to share some of his favorite dishes he sampled.

Sashimi plate

Pressed toro sushi

Live scallops

Baby yellowtail carpaccio

Anago and sushi

Aji Bone Cracker

Sweet shrimp heads

Live scallop sashimi

Tei Tei has a nice selection of sake available, and the staff is extremely helpful with selections

Tei Tei Robata Bar
2906 N Henderson, Dallas

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