Pollo Regio Much Anyone?

DSC04230by Steven Doyle

When a fast food chain opens up we generally do not give notice, or care for that matter. But there is a new Pollo Regio in Dallas, with plenty more on their way, and they deserve at the very least a golf clap. The restaurant is quick, tasty and for many – nearby.

Regio started its restaurant out of something similar to a food truck in Austin, selling a delicious pollo asado that is marinated then grilled for a pretty exquisite flavor. The basics of charro beans, rice and grilled onions gives this Regio a simplistic menu that is hard to beat. The chicken is served with a pack of corn tortillas which makes each meal a feast.  


I stopped into the newest version of Pollo Regio yesterday for a quick bite and discovered that the lunch special, which is a half chicken, rice, beans, tortillas and a drink of choice, is a fantastic deal which could conceivably be shared between two good friends or six small children. Great deal at $6.99.  The new location is on Forest just west of marsh lane in a former Arby’s. If you go you will be sharing space with most of the workers destroying LBJ at the moment.

There probably was no real reason to stop in Pollo Regio besides the fact it made up for a really good lunch which I will no doubt finish this afternoon. And watch out for that green sauce, it will bite your lip.


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