7 Extremely Edible Eggs In Dallas

eggby Steven Doyle

There has been this terrific trend in past years of adding an egg to most anything to make a more supple and delicious. The burger is a prime target for this unabashed egging, and always a welcome garnish on any style of tartare. The egg, if prepared correctly, provides a silky self-saucing thrill that ups the ante to sandwiches, pasta an salads. Eggs are not just for breakfast. Today we explore a handful of primo examples of how the egg has enhanced seven dishes in the Dallas area.   


Legs and Eggs is only part of the bountiful brunch at Boulevardier that consists of duck confit, duck eggs, Homestead grit cake, and huckleberries.

blue plate

Vital Farm’s fresh eggs, Nueske’s Bacon, house-made sausage patties, pulled pork and so much more go into making these tricked up brunch items, saving us all from the average and boring at Rathbun’s Blue Plate. Our favorite brunching item is by far is the Pigs in the Blanket, which actually resembles nothing like anything you have ever sampled by the same name. These are layers of ever-so-light pancakes with folds of freshly smoked pulled pork.


The charming Battuto located in Far North Dallas has this beautiful play on traditional eggs and bacon, using Speck, quail eggs, a truffled gouda and arugula. Put an egg on anything and it will be delicious, however these eggs were sent to us with the perfect over easiness making the pizza ooze with joy. The gouda only made the pizza ridiculously delicious with its slight air of truffles to tempt a taste.


When first presented with this erudite version of the Scotch egg found at Bowl and Barrel, we knew we were in for something special. Set on a bed of greens it was evident that they were on the plate for a particular reason, and that was to soak up the runny yolk treasure hidden in this crisp interior.


Nothing is as sexy as the hangover relief plate found at the Porch on Henderson as the Stodg Burger. Named for Consilient’s lawyer Steve Stodghill who always attacked everything with excitement, including his burgers. Get this: beef patty, bacon, aged cheddar, and egg over easy gorged between a foie buttered bun.


CBD Provisions makes a helluva chili. The chili made our best Dallas chili list, and for a pretty amazing reason. It is topped with a poached egg. Eggs.


Gemma has a luscious appetizer of roasted baby artichoke hearts served with wild arugula and a poached egg. It is nearly too beholding to eat.



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2 responses to “7 Extremely Edible Eggs In Dallas

  1. Gabe

    The eggs Benedict at Smoke, over pulled pork, along side their amazing fresh cut fries, with skin on, and sprinkled with coarse sea salt…..oh my!

  2. twinwillow

    Egg dishes are commonly served as starters (appetizers) in both the UK and Europe.

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