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Behind The Scenes At Fogo de Chao

by Steven Doyle

Perhaps you have been to a churrascari or a Brazilian steakhouse and sampled the flurry of meats that is served by the gauchos. If you have chances are you have been to Fogo de Chao, which started with 9 locations in Brazil before expanding to the United States, with Dallas as its first domestic location.        Continue reading

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Central 214 Is Fresh And Better Than Ever

by Steven Doyle

I have written about Graham Dodds at Central 214 when he started working for the restaurant located in the Palomar Hotel located on Mockingbird, just a stone’s throw from the SMU campus. Without revisiting the article I know that I probably extolled the virtues of the man with high praise as he rolled out his first menu at 214. It was a shocking difference from what had been served previously at the restaurant and was offered with poise, balance and genuine thought.

Recently I revisited the restaurant when I heard a new menu was in play. What I found was breath taking.  Dodds culls his ingredients from local farmers and ranchers, as many do these days. But there is zeal in his efforts to work with these locals. I recognize everyone on his list of purveyors, and that to me is pretty awesome. I know where all this food is coming from. I have visited their farms and shaken their hands. This is how it is all supposed to work.          Continue reading

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Celebrate National Donut Day In Style

by Steven Doyle

There was a time when I could freely eat a box of donuts at one sitting, this was when I was in high school. I went to W.T. White in north Dallas and we had a donut shop called Nelson’s. I would pass by the tiny shop located near LBJ on the south side of Midway and order a small box from the elderly nelson couple on the way to school nearly every day. They have since sold the shop and the donuts are not the same.  Donuts never will be as good as they were when I was 15

Today is National Donut Day and we want to celebrate in true style. We have assembled a short list of some of our favorites in the Dallas area and hope you join us by scarfing a box.          Continue reading

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Mike Anderson Makes Our Top Five List For Dallas BBQ

by Steven Doyle

Mike Anderson’s BBQ falls within our top five BBQ haunts in Dallas, Texas. We know BBQ is so very subjective and everyone has their own idea of how the plate should play out, but when dining on smoked meats we have a few bits of criteria. The meat should be tender, smoky, juicy, and have some sort of interesting characteristic on the outside that compels another bite.

This sounds all so easy to create as most of us have created this in our backyards at some point. But this can be difficult for a restaurant that plays out this scenario each day with consistent regularity. Anderson’s is such a spot.   Continue reading


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We Power Coupled At Del Frisco

by Steven Doyle

Last evening we tried out the summer Del Frisco Double Eagle Steak House deal, the Power Couple that offers a full meal for two at $99, not including drinks or gratuity.  We were met at the door by the familiar face of the sommelier Jennifer Jaco who had invited us in, and we were elated when she offered to give us a tour of the wine cellar after our dinner.

As you can imagine, the dinner was very good. What’s not to like about Chef David Holben’s steaks? The beef offered is a prime filet that is smattered with peppercorns and seared immaculately, as expected. But the star for us was the crab cake that is also included in the Power Couple deal. The crab cake was made of crab, some seasonings, and very little else. It didn’t take long to tackle the large cake.         Continue reading

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Bryan Street Tavern Has New Kitchen And A Real Chef

by Steven Doyle

In just a few short years Bryan Street Tavern etched its way into the dive bar scene with its great pizza and cold beer.  Bryan Street always has a good line up of bands and there is plenty of room to mix and mingle with the swelled crowds each weekend. The fenced in patio area is near legendary.

So why go and muck it all up with more beer taps, and a fancy new kitchen? I will answer my own question: because it is awesome.   Continue reading


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2nd Annual Deep Ellum Brew B-Q Tasted Pretty Damned Good

by David Donalson

What can be a more American way to celebrate Memorial Day than to drink beer and eat barbecue? Deep Ellum Brewing Company agreed and Sunday was the 2nd annual Brew-B-Q in the new Beer Garden and they brought friends: Martin House Brewing, Armadillo Ale Works and (512). From 6-10pm, it was a mad house of samplings, food and music.

When we walked up to Deep Ellum Brewing Company, I was surprised by the line of people waiting to buy a ticket and get inside. It was at least 50 deep and the facility was already packed. This is a good sign for all of the new craft breweries opening up in North Texas. The setup was simple once inside, far right was Whole Food and barbecue and there were several stations set up throughout the garden giving samples. If you haven’t been to too many events like this, the trick is to drink while in line. Get your sample, find the next line you want to get into and socialize from there to maximize your samples.                      Continue reading

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