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A Visit To Chinese Restaurants in China

by Sachin Ghare

Several years ago we invited a friend of craveDFW  who lives in India to share some thoughts on Indian food culture. Recently Sachin Ghare shared the fact that he spends time working in China and we asked him to give us insight on dining in China. Sachin explains in general terms his thoughts on the over all dining scene in China. He is currently preparing another version that details some of his favorites restaurants and dishes.

I’m a regular visitor of China and Hong Kong. I have composed the following guide for Chinese dining based upon my personal experiences.  As a tourist in China, you will find a diverse selection of foods that vary greatly from region to region. Chinese cuisine needs no introduction, having been successfully exported to every country in the western world and maintaining a reputation as one of the favorite foods to enjoy either while dining out or as a take-away.

Beijing is typical of capital cities in that it is home to a vast selection of eateries offering some of the finest food in the country. Whereas Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu and other western culture following cities have a bit of a different story.          Continue reading

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Henderson Ave Country Club is Smoking Hot

hacc3by Steven Doyle

Henderson Avenue Country Club seems to have it all. Craft cocktails, creative, savory provisions, live music, and sports are all part of the plan. Reminiscent of Nashville’s Broadway Avenue Honky Tonk’s, the Country Club is upscale, with a bit of sawdust on the floor. The patio, which opens to the venue, giving it a much larger feel, is ideal for watching the comings and goings of Henderson Avenue’s diverse crowds. The venue is located a short walking distance from its popular sister bar, Henderson Tap House, and neighbors Capitol Pub and J. Black’s.

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Expressions of Blanc du Bois in Texas

by Andrew Chalk  Photo courtesy of Russ Kane,

Nobody chooses to grow the grape Blanc du Bois. It is a concession to necessity in parts of the country afflicted with Pierce’s disease (PD). For the U.S., that means a concentration in the south east of the country where humid climatic conditions are ideal for the disease’s propagation via the vector of the glassy-winged sharpshooter and other insects. Blanc du Bois was created at the University of Florida in the 1960s specifically to withstand PD. It is a cross of vitis vinifera varieties like Golden Muscat with native American varieties and was commercially released in 1987. Continue reading


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Top Pot Donuts Announces Third Dallas Area Location


Top Pot Donuts will join CityLine, the company’s 186-acre mixed-use project in Richardson, Texas.

Top Pot offers made-daily varieties of hand-forged donuts, fresh roasted coffee, locally made pastries, and a variety of sandwiches. Menu items include over forty kinds of donuts with zero grams of trans fat, including the old fashioned, cake, filled and fritter. The exceptional quality, vintage aesthetic, and personal customer service is designed to get the customer’s day started off right.  Continue reading


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A Visit With Bark Chocolate Owner Katy Priore

bark1by Steven Doyle

It was just a few short years ago that chocolatier Katy Priore started her boutique company Bark Chocolate which specializes in flavors of bark, that thin layer of chocolate often layered with interesting surprises. Katy comes from a sturdy culinary family, her mother was a successful Dallas restaurateur. Susie Priore ran the wildly successful Suze and Iris restaurants. Suze is still in business with a new owner, Gilbert Garza. It was Katy’s mother that inspired her to cook, especially pastry, at a very early age. In their kitchen she would forgo the typical toddler EZ Bake oven, instead baking cookies and other pastries with a big girl spatula in hand.

“I would follow mom around the kitchen all the time. I have pictures of me half naked wearing an apron baking cookies [we found the photo in question]. I loved baking, probably because I have a sweet tooth,” said Katy on a recent visit.  Continue reading

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Hearty New Menu Items at Max’s Wine Dive Prepare For a Cold Snap

by Andrew Chalk

The self-styled ‘Fried Chicken and Champagne?…Why The Hell Not?!’ upscale comfort food restaurant chain Max’s Wine Dive has just done a menu makeover for the winter. Slight variations apply to each site, but at a recent media event at the Dallas Uptown location chef Patrick Russell took me through his new additions. Both of the dishes below are on the ‘classic’ menu, meaning they are available at all Max’s Wine Dives Continue reading

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Burger of the Day: Swiss Pastry’s @lockhartsmokehouse Burger

burgerby Steven Doyle

Every so often I see a burger that looks and taste so delicious it deserves a day unto itself. Today we have such a burger that can only be found at the Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth. Perhaps many of you think of Swiss Pastry as the ultimate place to purchase a Black Forest Cake, and you are correct. But owner  Hans Muller  is a meaty kind of guy, and cranks out a sublime Philly as well. And if you follow his daily antics on Facebook, and you should, you will see him conjur up a burger daily that will have you dropping your TPS reports at the office and rushing in for a beefy repast.   Continue reading

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