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Join Tiffany And Uno In Peru

DSC00583by Steven Doyle

How would you like to spend a week with two beautiful and talented celebrity chefs, Tiffany Derry and Uno Imminavong in the South America, wining and dining  through Peru? You now have that opportunity. Peruvian restaurateur and master distiller at Pisco Porton and television sensation, Johnny Schuler will join you through Peru which is known for their immense variety and quality of its foo.  Lima has been declared the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America. The gastronomic boom Peru is experiencing has led to an explosion of more successful and innovative restaurants than ever before. Lima is also where the cocktail, Pisco Sour, originated.

On this amazing tour, you will not only visit the top restaurants in the city, but also have classes in creating our own Pisco Sour cocktails with the topmost authority on this popular spirit, Johnny Schuler.

This sounds like a culinary vacation of a lifetime. For more information, or to book your trip visit the Tripboutiq website. Check out the itinerary:   Continue reading

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Happy Margarita Day! We Have 7 Ways To Celebrate In Style

by Steven Doyle

Let’s celebrate National Margarita Day with a splash of tequila.

On this special day which we will celebrate Saturday, February 22, thoughts may wander to the very first margarita machine that was invented in Dallas by restaurant owner Mariano Martinez in 1971. The Smithsonian was so thirsty they nabbed  the machine and is on view at the DC museum.

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San Antonio Cocktail Conference 2014: The Classes

1617257_3730929729719_206877970_oby Andrew Chalk

The central part of the SACC is the classes during the day.    Continue reading

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CBD Provisions Provides Comfort For Your Inner Carnivore

cbdby Steven Doyle

The most recent trip to CBD Provisions proved to be a bounty of carnivorous ode to joy. The new restaurant located in the Joule Hotel downtown Dallas (just to the left of what was Charlie Palmers) leaves little for want when it comes to pork, from the tip of the squealers nose to the very wiggle in his waddling tail. CBD does pork well, and so much more.

The beautiful dining room was designed by Claudia Woods, dramatically sets the stage for the warm and social character of a big city brasserie with historic brick walls, salvaged wood floors, tufted leather banquettes, a fully exhibited kitchen, and of course a great bar.

But the true star, as it should be, is the menu. The full menu is filled with small plates for the social diner, large plates for the hungry traveler, and family style platters for a fun evening of casual enjoyment.    Continue reading


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Celebrate With Great Joy National Pie Day In Dallas

DSC05160by Steven Doyle

I have these lovely country loving Amish friends who when you see them will regale you with pie.  These are by far the best pie bakers in the pie loving universe, and they do their magic without the means of a modern kitchen. It is a loving relationship that began with a slice of raisin cream pie. This is how all relationships should begin.

Today is National Pie Day, and I believe this springs up several times each year. No matter, it is a wonderful time to grab a slice or two around town, and of course, we have a list.

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The New Zinfandel

by Andrew Chalk

Zinfandel is the Apple computer of wine grapes. No grape has a following like it. These oeno-moonies flock to San Francisco each superbowl weekend to attend ZinFest, AKA ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates and Producers), a tasting of virtually every Zinfandel maker’s wines. The winemakers themselves are there pouring, connecting one-on-one with their reverential disciples. It’s a hugfest. Or it was. I attended reliably for a decade – and then I stopped. Continue reading

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