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Dallas Tomato Battle

by Steven Doyle

Back in the 1980’s there was an epic food fight between Colorado and Texas in Twin Lakes, Colorado 140 miles southwest of Denver as a way to vent about Texans vacationing in Colorado. The weapons were truckloads of rotten tomatoes.

The battle grew each year, bringing tourists in much like the Spanish La Tomatina festival in Bunol. The fun was eventually stopped in the early 90’s when the insurance premium rocketed.     Continue reading


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Last Week For a Fletcher’s Corny Dog!

by Steven Doyle

As the Texas State Fair continues in its final full week we felt it time to actually try a few Fair staples and venture out onto the Midway with a loosened belt. No visit to the Fair is complete without a visit to Fletcher’s Corny Dogs. We searched around for Gregory True, the manager of the large Fletcher stand that sits perched next to Big Tex, but we were told the 18 year veteran of the Fair was hospitalized and missed the Fair this year.     Continue reading


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Vegan Girl Goes to the Texas State Fair

by Melissa Brenner

For as many years as I have lived in Dallas, I’ve never made it out to the Texas State Fair. I’ve been horrified by the advertised food options, which is the main reason I’ve never attended. This year I decided to try my luck, and clog my arteries, with the search for vegan food at Texas State Fair.

I was hopeful that there would be something that I would be able to eat when I heard, from our very own Steven Doyle, that there would be a number of veggie and even vegan chefs featured in the Celebrity Chef exhibition. Surely, if there was draw to see the likes of Chef Toria Villareal of VSPOT Café, Chef Miranda Martinez & Evita Torez of and Chef Jeanette Prafiska of Crosby Catering and Coffee then there was a good chance someone there would be making something for me.   Continue reading

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We Have a Craving for Cars

by Bryan Coonrod

I for one love classic cars, so while strolling through the state fair automotive building I notice a wing of a Plymouth Road Runner Super Bird sticking above the rest of the new cars displayed. As I get closer a 1968 Lamborghini Miura grabs my attention with its pistachio color gleaming under the lights.

My curiosity begins to wonder why they are at the fair and I find out these cars are part of the Texas Museum of Automotive History opening to the public Nov 15th after the fair ends and boasting a display of cars worth $30 million it is truly a car lovers paradise. TMAH’s goal is to be one of the top 10 museums in the world.           Continue reading

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Pie Judges Make Better Lovers

by Steven Doyle

One of the best jobs going at the fair this year (besides the voice of Big Tex) is without a doubt that of the food judge. These are the people that come in each week to review the large variety of cakes, pies, candy and a whole host of categories.

Sure, there are a few oddball categories like Jello molds and Spam bake-offs, but without a doubt happy are the ones judging the pies.         Continue reading

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Texas/ OU 2011 Weekend Party Planner

by Danielle Leahy

Texas/OU Weekend kicks off tonight with a variety of events across the Metroplex. Here are some of the best watching parties and post-game events going on throughout Dallas. We will add to the list as we hear about the events.              Continue reading


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