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Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs Are In-Your-Face Delicious

by Steven Doyle

This new hot dog craze is really catchy. If you are able to make a fantastic and snappy wiener made from an all-natural casing, a fresh baked roll and plenty of interesting topping, you will make a success of this whole doggery thing. Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs did just that. This is an unpretentious hot dog Mecca that is light on the wallet and high on truly good flavors.

The menu can be a bit overwhelming, so perhaps it is best to stick to the basics on first pass. Oh, once you have gone there will be multiple laps, your fascination for the wood-fired dog won’t allow anything but just that. Continue reading


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State of the Hot Dog Report

by Steven Doyle

Do hot dogs make you lose control? All year long we have been hearing about the hot dog moving in on the Dallas mainstays such as the almighty burger and cheap-to-eat taco. We have already witnessed new doggeries (I am selling this term to Webster, so feel free to use at will) such as Bowery and Jerry’s Wood-Fired Hot Dogs that is based in California.

My friend, Chef Johnny Carino called and left me a message this morning that he had heard that Jerry’s was now in Dallas and was planning a trip to the new store soon. Carino is somewhat a health fanatic, so those dogs must be pretty damned good to motivate him to actually eat one.   Continue reading


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Bowery Has A New And Improved Menu

by Steven Doyle

There seems to be no stopping this hot dog movement in Dallas and we have our favorites, but this list is expanding to include some different takes on what can be an extremely pedestrian food. Soon there will be a large handful of hot doggeries scattered across the Metroplex, and the chef-driven dog is a true stand out.

When Bowery first opened on McKinney Avenue it had its share of difficulties, but many of these issues have been met with decisive action and Bowery is back on course. Today there is a new menu which leaves the better selling dogs intact and the addition of a few new items, including a pretty solid burger.   Continue reading

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Mister Ed Says “Eat Me”

by Steven Doyle

Through out the world horses are a general source of meat. In Parma you may find pesto di cavallo, or a horse meat tartare, on the menu. In Austria you may find a type of bologna called Leberkäse, which sometimes can be made with horse, sold at hot dog stands. In China you may find a Donkey Burger on the menu, and in Japan it is common to see raw horse meat called basash which is thinly sliced and eaten raw.

In English speaking countries such as the United States, UK, Canada and Australia eating horse is taboo, but you just might start seeing Trigger or Mister Ed show up on your dinner table soon as it is now legal to slaughter horses for a source of food in the United States.  Continue reading


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Mercury Class Benefits GALT

by Steven Doyle

Saturday afternoon we attended the GALT cooking class at Mercury hosted by chef Chris Ward. GALT is the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas who is known for their zealous rescues and care for the athletic animals.

Besides being absolutely beautiful, greyhounds thrive on human companionship, love to be the center of attention, and make wonderful household pets.   Continue reading

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People’s Choice Award: Best Restaurant

by Steven Doyle

We appreciate everyone’s love and attention this summer, and we feel the awards have gone over very well. We have the plaques ready to pass out and have given away dozens of gift cards from a whole host of restaurants in DFW to the people that make this work, specifically you. There is one more week after this award, and we appreciate you sticking with us through the voting process.  Continue reading


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