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Family Operated Mangiamo Opens In North Dallas

by Steven Doyle

A new restaurant just opened in the former Opa Grille location at 12827 Preston Road in north Dallas. We stopped in for a bite of lunch pizza recently to check out the new digs and speak to the owner Luigi Nicci and his family.  The restaurant has been open for two weeks and served up what might be considered typical Italian fare. You have your pizza, pastas and the ever loving eggplant parm.    Continue reading

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The Road To San Antone: Conan’s Pizza

by Robert Bostick

The wife had a conference in San Antonio and it was decided that we’d make it a family affair so we loaded up the KIA and headed South, thought it might be interesting to document some of the stops along the way.

Driving South on IH-35 the conversation turned to what eats to get once hitting Austin city limits, and there was no question it would be Conan’s Pizza.  We have a long history with Conan’s; my wife remembers her childhood afternoons after a softball game with her family, and my late night conversations with  friends over a pitcher of Shiner and brief employment there.  Continue reading


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It’s All About The Dough

by Judy Chamberlain

Who doesn’t love pizza?

Lucky Dallas, we’re getting to be something of a mecca for Neapolitan style pizza, that of the thin crust and chewy texture. It’s new to many, trendy and certainly different. Sicilian,Chicago, New York or even California pizza this is not.

The latest entry into the pizza a la Napolitano fray is Dough, on Preston Road.          Continue reading


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Pizza Gratis, Por Favor

by Steven Doyle

The geniuses behind Pizza Patron, a Dallas based chain with locations strategically placed in predominately Hispanic neighborhoods, are back in the news again. Just a few short years ago the 20-year old restaurant chain made headlines when they began accepting pesos as currency for their products. Pizza Patron’s slogan has always been Más Pizza. Menos Dinero.   Continue reading

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Seriously, Serious Pizza

by Steven Doyle

Just over one year ago we did a pizza tour that included many of the area’s best pizzerias. Cane Rosso was on the list as they just moved into their digs on Commerce. Along with that Deep Ellum hot spot we also visited Serious Pizza the very first day they were open to the public. The Elm Street pizzeria has since made its way into annals of epic pizza in Dallas.            Continue reading

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Cane Rosso Parking at North Haven Gardens

by Steven Doyle

I have actually met people that have not been to Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum. Some think it is too far for them to travel, others still have an odd impression about Deep Ellum. If you fall into either of these categories now is your chance to take advantage of a day time truck spotting at North Haven Gardens.     Continue reading


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Happy Anniversary Cane Rosso

by Steven Doyle

We have been following Cane Rosso’s Jay Jerrier since his early days when he was subletting the space at Preston-Forest. He only had his mobile oven back then and made his pizza in the parking lot a few days a week. His product has come a long way since then, and he has enjoyed the adoration of all media.

His Neapolitan pizza is about as authentic as you will get in the country and sports that feather-light crust with slight marks from the heat of the oven and superior toppings. I think it is also fair to pronounce Jerrier “The King of all Media” as he is not camera shy and spends a good amount of his day working the social aspects with FaceBook and Twitter.        Continue reading

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