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Top Dallas Bartenders to Compete in Houston’s Speed Rack

by Steven Doyle   photos by Susan Migdol

If you happen to be in Houston this coming weekend you might wish to attend a pretty awesome cocktail competition called Speed Rack that pits some of the hottest bartenders in Louisiana and Texas to raise cash and awareness for breast cancer. Sixteen female bartenders will be in competition for bragging rights, a $500 honorarium and a chance to compete nationally in New York City later in the year. Two of our best female bartenders will be in that competition.

You may have read about both of these women in the past on craveDFW; enter Bonnie Wilson from Whiskey Cake and Trina Nishimura from The Cedars Social representing Dallas in the Houston contest this Sunday, January 22, 2012.         Continue reading


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5 Dallas Food Trends We Enjoyed in 2011

by Steven Doyle

There were many advances in the Dallas restaurant scene in 2011, and we are looking for many more in the coming new year. We would like to take a moment to bring attention to several exciting trends that took place. Later in the week we will focus on some trends we would like to see spring up in Dallas.     Continue reading

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Celebrate Festivus in Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Festivus is a holiday created by the writers of the now syndicated television program, Seinfeld. The wildly popular show featured the weekly antics of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer as they battled through life in New York City. Often times they would be disturbed from their self indulgences forced to interact with their parents. One particular episode the viewers discovered a quirky holiday made up by the father of George Costanza, Frank.

Most of what was written into the television program was based on real life, and this is true with Festivus. In real life Festivus dates back to 1966 when Dan O’Keefe, former editor of Reader’s Digest decided that Christmas was too commercial to celebrate. Years later O’Keefe’s son, Daniel, would write for the series and included it into a script that ran in December, 1987.   Continue reading


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Marquee’s New Burger Strikes Gold! (Literally)

by Steven Doyle

Highland Park’s personal top chef, Tre Wilcox sent a lovely missive via Facebook  that displayed some of his experimentation efforts in the kitchen. There isn’t a whole lot to add to the burger that will be sold at Marquee Grill that he didn’t already think about.

Wilcox describes this as a Short Rib-Foie Gras Stuffed Burger with gold leaf aioli, house pickles and truffle parm fries. There is little we can say after reading this, but “damn”.



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Chocolate Tour Visits Dude, Sweet

by Steven Doyle

Last weekend I was able to help guide the Dallas by Chocolate Tour, a new tour company that shuttles guests around in a luxury bus making a handful of stops only to taste chocolate. In the next few days I will share some of the stops and the chocolates we sampled. This past tour took us to Neuhaus Café  in North Dallas, Scardello, who sells some pretty damned good chocolate including Oh* Brownies and paired samples with cheese, CocoAndrē and Dude, Sweet Chocolate.

Today we take a look at Dude, Sweet Chocolate where pastry chef Katherine Clapner hosted the group of chocolate tourists and shared her insight into her own brand.  Continue reading

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Cafe Momentum with Brian Luscher

Brian Luscher and Janice Provost

by Steven Doyle         photos by Robert Bostick

Last Sunday we witnessed the latest edition of the pop-up restaurant with a heart, Café Momentum. For those that follow along each day, you already know that Momentum works with Youth Village.  The young men in the program at the Youth Village are offered  real-world training and hope for not only a career in hospitality, but at life.

The ultimate goal for Café Momentum is to become a full on not-for-profit restaurant that continues to work with Youth Village daily. In the past year many steps have been gained towards the goal, raising nearly $100,000 to date.   Continue reading

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