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Bacon By The Bucket At Local Oak

baconby Steven Doyle

The obsession with bacon only gains more kinetic energy, never stopping to wait for the world to catch up. And that is probably OK by us. Bacon, with all of its sweet, smokey, crispy goodness lends a bit of savory crunch to just about any meal from what could otherwise be an extremely mundane sandwich or burger, to a sprite salad topping that makes an omnivore smile with anticipation. But bacon does just fine on its own. Just ask the good people over at Local Oak in Oak Cliff. They sell bacon by the bucket.  Continue reading

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Elvis Sandwich Lore

Music-Sound Bites-Box Setsby Steven Doyle

We pretty much associate Elvis with that quirky sandwich made with peanut butter, bananas. The original sandwich that hooked the crooner did not have slices of bacon as we so often think, but instead just mashed bananas and white bread slathered with peanut butter. Later Elvis was introduced to a toasted version with the added bacon, because the sandwich just wasn’t  nearly the heart attack inducer it could be. An even later version had the sandwich fried in a skillet of butter.

Then we have Fool’s Gold. This is a lesser known version of the sandwich that actually had Elvis flying across country on a whim to devour.  Continue reading

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Local Oak For Plenty Of Bacon and A Side Of Tito

DSC09905by Steven Doyle

I stopped by Local Oak this week for a small bite and a few libations and was pleased to see the owners scurrying about.  I am talking Felix Garcia, Paul Delgado and Alycen Cuellar. These are first time restaurateurs, but you probably spotted a familiar name in the bunch. Cuellar is one of ‘those’ Cuellars. You know, from the multi-million dollar El Chico empire that started as a small tamale stand t an east Texas county fair back in 1926. But don’t let this fact detract from the fact that Local Oak is sturdy all on its own, and with only a whiff of Tex Mex to be found on the menu.

The menu is almost difficult to describe. There is a really good burger, a Cobb salad, Frito pie, and green chile chicken enchiladas to choose from. Actually, the menu is quite short, but that is changing very soon with the addition of at least five new items being added next week. We will most likely want to revisit once that good news has been announced.  Continue reading

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Meet The Deal Changing Cool River 50/50 Burger

DSC09157by Steven Doyle

One of my favorite chefs in Dallas is Rodman Shields at Cool River Café. The chef has a fantastic time in the kitchen, and every time he does something that he knows I will get all giddy about, he gives me a shout out. He had me once with his dedicated duck fat fryer that made the most ethereal frites I have ever sampled. Earlier this week he called to tell me about this new burger he has on the menu. He knows I like a good burger, I suppose.

How right he is.  Continue reading

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Hypnotic Donuts Invites Cheese-Beer Maven To Create A Special Chicken Biscuit

DSC04799by Steven Doyle

Ali Kay Hammer is back on our radar again, this time the Scardello cheese monger is getting her biscuit on at Hypnotic Donuts on Garland Road in East Dallas. If you recall, just a week ago Ali was rocking the Peticolas house during their first anniversary with her wedding to the beer Velvet Hammer.

Beginning tomorrow and at least through the end of the month of January, you can experience what it is like in Ali’s mouth by ordering her version of the chicken biscuit. This is an ongoing program at Hypnotic and there have been more than a few fun versions of the chef driven biscuit since owner James St. Peter decided to invite chefs to play in his wacky kitchen once a month. Last month we all enjoyed The Grape owner Brian Luscher’s homemade sausages in a bun, this month we see what Ali has to offer.     Continue reading

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You Asked For It, You Got It: Unforsacon Bacon Food Truck

by Steven Doyle

You may recall Adam West from his stint at Dragonfly at ZaZa in Dallas. The chef has been working at the executive chef at the ZaZa in Houston for the past year but is now coming home to open his own food truck in Dallas.

Chef West will soon be bringing home the bacon with his bacon themed truck he will call Unforsacon Bacon.

We were first tipped off to the food truck by West’s sister, Amber West, who is the bar manager at Central 214, but we were asked to sit on the story until West put in his notice at ZaZa.           Continue reading

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