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Works Last Hurrah Today

pickering1by Steven Doyle

You might have seen our breaking story that Work is closing its doors for a re-do. Until that “night club” opens, the pitmaster Doug Pickering is slinging burnt ends, ribs and brisket today starting at 12:30 for lunch. Head over and get in on this last hurrah.

I am sure you want meat-mouth for the rest of the day. Go and enjoy. Work is located at 2618 on Elm in Deep Ellum.



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Eat Me: Burnt Ends At Work


by Steven Doyle

Only sold once a week, the burnt ends at Work in Deep Ellum are well worth waiting for. Sold only on Thursdays at the restaurant, you can also find some silken brisket every day of the week. If you should decide to brave the lines for the burnt ends, know that they sell quickly, and you may wish to be first in line when the restaurant opens. Best bet for acquiring the burnt ends? Become best friends with pitmaster, Doug Pickering.    Continue reading

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Pecan Lodge Begins Construction In Deep Ellum

pecan lodgeby Steven Doyle

Most of the barbecue loving public in Dallas knows some of the very best exists in the Dallas Farmers Market where you most often must wait in line for several hours to procure the lush brisket and very meaty ribs. It is time well spent communing with fellow passengers on the path to enlightenment. Pecan Lodge is a religious experience.

Word has spread like wildfire that Pecan Lodge is moving into new digs at 2702 Main Street in Deep Ellum. This has two very far reaching effects. First, you will no longer be waiting in line for barbecue (we assume). The new larger space will house far more than just slices of savory brisket, fried chicken and that giant haunch of pulled pork infused sweet potato, the Hot Mess. You will be allowed a beer or cocktail with your ‘cue, and there will be event space for those unruly holiday parties. And the menu will stretch its culinary legs and offer much more than the standard Pecan Lodge fare.    Continue reading

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Work Bar and Grill Works For Me

DSC09357by Steven Doyle

BBQ is always a source of consternation. Opinions on the perfect rack of ribs or slice of Texas brisket will always weigh heavy for those that love the smoked meats. There is certainly room for everyone in the BBQ field or we would not see the sad chains that dot the dining landscape. That said, I found a wonderful example of brisket last night in Deep Ellum at Work, which has been in business for the past six months. There I met up with managing partner, Shea Comer and pitmaster Doug Pickering.

For Comer, this is his first restaurant. He previously held posts at various restaurants and taverns, usually behind the bar. Like most in the business, Comer had a hankering for a restaurant of his very own. This is where it gets interesting. Comer met up with his new partners who were just looking to own a bar when he suggested a they do both food and booze. Work was born.    Continue reading

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Pecan Lodge Moving To Deep Ellum

brewbq2by Steven Doyle

I had a pretty good conversation with Justin Fourton, co-owner and BBQ Magistrate at Pecan Lodge,  last week at the conclusion of Meat Fight. We discussed the possibility of Pecan Lodge moving out of its current location at the Dallas Farmers Market. He asked where I thought he was moving to and I said good money was riding on Deep Ellum. He confirmed off the record, and said that it made the most sense. He wanted a venue where he could host large parties and do more with the brand that just shovel out delicious BBQ.

Today we were sent a release from Diane Fourton (Boss Lady), and the cat is now officially out of the bag. Deep Ellum is indeed where Pecan Lodge will move to, making that section of Dallas even stronger. Don’t forget, these guys also make some of the best fried chicken in the state.  Continue reading

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FM Smokehouse is a Taste of Texas

DSC09066by Steven Doyle

There are actually a few restaurants that if I do not jump aboard quickly either before or shortly after they open I tend to place them off my radar. There are actually several excellent restaurants that have opened recently that I need to take a taste tour through, and will get to those all in good time. Sometimes it is best to allow them to simmer a bit in their own juices to get the real feel of what a spot has to offer. This might be the case of FM Smokehouse located in Las Colinas.

What a gem of a restaurant. FM Smokehouse is located in an odd little spot that does extremely well during the week, but draws to a slower pace on weekends when the business crowd flies home. This is actually the case for any of the restaurants in that corridor off 114. What makes FM Smokehouse so particularly wonderful is that, and to my surprise, it is not a BBQ restaurant. Do not get me wrong, I am a fan of very good BBQ. But FM is so much more than brisket and pulled pork, both of which they do very well. Think of FM as indigenous Texas Cuisine, much like you might find at Smoke in West Dallas, or Tim Love’s Smokehouse in Fort Worth.     Continue reading

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