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Lakewood Brewing Company Releases French Quarter Temptress


This September, Lakewood Brewing Company will release a “Seduction Series” favorite, French Quarter Temptress on draft, and as promised, in bottles for the first time ever. Capturing the spirit and attitude of New Orleans, French Quarter Temptress possesses the boldness of barrel-aged coffee and chicory within the incredibly smooth 9.1 percent ABV Imperial Milk Stout.

Lakewood will once again partner with Kevin and Marta Sprague at Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters in East Dallas, creating the perfect character and tasting notes of French Quarter Temptress.  Continue reading

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The Drunken Pilgrim

sour beerby Kevin Deweber

I love Texas. I really do. It’s home. It’s turned me into the man I am today (those that know me can critique that man in the comment section). I love my barbecue, my Cowboys, and my drawl that sounds straight from a Nascar pit crew. However, if I don’t leave occasionally, I would probably wind up drunk, and pissing in the middle of the street, in the Fort Worth Stockyards, talking about the good ol’ days, when there was no such thing as “fleek”. So, occasionally, I book an impromptu trip. I pack a carry-on with way-too-few clothes, and I get to the airport as soon as possible. I will now attempt, through relaying my debauchery on one of those trips, to persuade you to drop what you are doing this weekend, and get the hell out of town.

First, let’s hammer out prerequisites that you should take into account in your spontaneous weekend trips. You cannot be a demanding traveler, period. I feel I need to beat you about the head with this tidbit. When I travel, I intend to spend my money stupidly at my final destination, not spend my money stupidly on the travel to get there. So, yeah, I’ve been crammed into an economy seat between seemingly an asthmatic sumo wrestler, and a severely ill-tempered, and gassy retiree. I’ve even watched a girl that I can only assume was Snookie’s post-op cousin get booted from a plane for cussing a crying infant. My traveling arrangements aren’t luxurious, but they are efficient. They get me there, wherever “there” is, for cheap.   Continue reading

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Del Frisco’s Grille Dallas To Host Beer Social Featuring Local Craft Beers on August 27

sour beer

Del Frisco’s Grille is pairing six local brews with culinary creations to satisfy any palate.  Community Beer Company, Four Corners Brewing Co. and Revolver Brewing will each have two of their signature craft beers featured at the tasting. Representatives from each of the breweries will be onsite to answer any and all beer questions you may have. We encourage you to arrive anytime between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm and stay as long as you’d like. Cost is $44 per person, including tax and gratuity.

Del Frisco’s Grille Dallas is located at 3232 McKinney Avenue. The event takes place Thursday, August 27, 7-9 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations are encouraged. Call 972-807-6152 to make reservation.

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Drinking Games for Pros

beer1by Jordan Burke

Drinking games are an awesome way to spend some good quality time with family and friends. I’ve got a few off-the-cuff games that my friends and I play on the regular. Each one with difficulty and added strategy. These games are not all necessarily drinking games but with a little bit of an imagination and creative thinking they become a whole new level of fun and entertainment.

The first and easiest of the three is an actual real sport, bowling. That’s right bowling, dude, the sport of kings. It’s really the only sport, outside of golf, where the more I drink the better I seem to get. Or at least I feel like I do better, under the influence. The game here is loser buys the drinks consumed by all party members within the time of the ten frame game. You would be surprised how many beers you could slam in a single game, especially when you know you are going to win.   Continue reading

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I’ll Have A Beard, Please

2013-07-24 10.21.56by Jeff Dietzman

There are many stereotypes that I’m sure I embody, but at least two are centered around craft beer culture. Let’s discuss…

1. I have a beard.
2. I like to shotgun beer

Let’s start with the beard.

Having just come off my first impromptu beard competition win at the House of Blues Local Brews and Local Grooves this past weekend, I freely admit nothing is more stereotypical about a craft beer drinker, brewer, sales rep, etc. than having a beard. I get it, I appreciate it, and obviously it doesn’t bother me. I didn’t always have a beard, but I’m glad that I do now. Continue reading

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Denton’s Barley & Board Opens Weds, Aug 12

barleyby Steven Doyle

Denton’s first Brewpub Restaurant, Barley & Board opens Wednesday, August 12. Featuring ‘New American Cuisine’ in harmony with dozens of beers on tap, this brewpub restaurant will highlight some of Texas’ finest breweries as well as in-house ales created by artisan brewers. Open for lunch and dinner, Barley & Board sits in the heart of the historic Downtown Denton Square and has captured some of the look and feel from the original Lacy Hotel by including elements of exposed brick, reclaimed wood, distressed leathers and industrial lighting.  Continue reading

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I Before E Except After Beer

duke-kahanamoku-on-outrigger-canoeby Ned Steel IV

I’ve been accused of being a member of the Grammar Police and I won’t deny that I’m a bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to people using “to” in place of “too” or “your” in place of “you’re” or the misuse of everyone’s favorite trio, “there, their, they’re”. I try to let it go, chalking it up to people being lazy or just not paying attention, but when people start butchering names, my eye starts to twitch.

While perusing the social media craft beer group message boards, I often see Fritz Rahr’s beloved family brewery spelled out as Rarh or Rhar or the ever confusing Rawr. What are we, a pride of lions? I wonder silently if Fritz twinges when he sees this or if he just brushes it off since its probably been happening to his family for generations. But what about Michael Peticolas? Having recently sat down with Michael and his lovely wife, Melissa, I got a little history on the Peticolas name. Knowing what naming their brewery with their family name means to them, it makes MY head hurt when I’m looking over a tap list and read Peticola Seasonal. Really?! I see you have the local Peti Cola on here but I was wondering if you had any aged Crystal Pepsi Cola hidden in the back of the cooler? Some might explain it away as a limit of characters on the menu layout. Those explanations would be rebutted by the next line reading New Belgium Fat Tire. Count the letters and you’ll see that the argument of “not enough space” gets torn to shreds. People that use their own names for businesses want it carry a connotation of respect and recognition. Would it kill you to spell it right?   Continue reading

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