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Eat Me: Cuban Burger at 303 Grill in Oak Cliff

burger 303by Steven Doyle

It seems every time I go to 303 Grill in Oak Cliff they have a new burger waiting for me to try. They sincerely go out of their way to discover new burger craziness that performs as a symphony in your mouth. The latest burger is no exception. Behold: the Cuban Burger.

Think kicked up Cuban sandwich with burger fixings, that just happened to get lost in a bacon factory. The Cuban Burger is a typical 303 burger with slices of ham and a bacon cup filled with pulled pork. Bacon cup. Filled with pulled pork. And of course there is always a side of those hand cut fries.   Continue reading

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Club Schmitz WILL Be Closing May 31 *Updated

2014-02-06 13.32.35by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

For the past month we have been fielding rumors that Club Schmitz would be closing this summer. In a panic we sent ace photographer Robert Bostick out for a photo shoot a few weeks ago. We both have been getting mixed stories, so we chose not to run with anything at that time. Today, Robert Wilonsky at the Dallas Morning News came up with his version of the story that points to a large possibility that Schmitz has seen its final year.     Continue reading


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Snuffer’s Reopens On Lower Greenville

IMG_3556.640x480Snuffer’s New Bacon-Guacamole Burger

by Andrew Chalk

Some restaurants cease being restaurants and transform into institutions. Snuffer’s, established in 1978 (that’s a year after the release of the Apple II, and concurrent with some pretty gruesome hair styles) has as much of a case as anywhere in Dallas to have made that transition.

Last weekend, the original Lower Greenville Avenue spot reopened, complete with a brand new menu which is… the brand old menu! Cheddar fries and sloppy burgers are the core as always and regulars piled in for the opening weekend at which I was a media guest.   Continue reading

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Hopdoddy Is Serving A 7-Layer Dip Burger

7 Layer Burgerby Steven Doyle

I think of something mighty tasty about this time of year. 7-layer dip. You know the stuff that makes parties a party? Pass up on the previously frozen baby quiche. Just say no to horrific chicken wings. You know you want to be the first to take a plunge into that dip that is layered with everything you love.     Continue reading

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Tanoshii Enters The Great Burger Race In Dallas

Hambaga Classic Japanese Burgerby Jennifer Thomas

Tanoshii Ramen + Bar, which is known for their supple ramen and steamed buns, is now serving a selection of Japanese burgers on their lunch menu.  The hambāgā, a classic Japanese hamburger, is made with 100% ground beef and topped with sweet and spicy miso chili, fresh tomato, onions and lettuce.

The teriyaki chicken burger is prepared with a chicken thigh cutlet, marinated and glazed with ginger teriyaki and topped with Japanese mint and onion tartar sauce.  The vegetarian korokke burger is prepared with a mixed vegetable croquette coated with panko, fried to a golden crisp and topped with fresh wafu-slaw and homemade tonkatsu sauce.    Continue reading

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Rodeo Goat Serving Reindeer Burgers

rodeo goatby Steven Doyle

There is a burger you will need to taste this holiday season. For those who haven’t had a chance to play any reindeer games we have something big for you. Think Rudolph on a bun.

The reindeer burger at Rodeo Goat will make you drool. This amazing burger has ground reindeer (ouch), port salute cheese, garlic confit, Halla Day Brussels, balsamic shallot spread and shaved sheep pecorino cheese. You only thought you have tried it all. Now go get yourself one tonight.


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