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Barking Good Ice Cream Made With Oh* Brownies

barkerby Steven Doyle

If you have not tried Carnival Barkers Ice Cream, which is located at the very fun Truck Yard on Greenville Avenue, we have a new reason for you to slip on by for a taste. The lastest flavor uses local brownie maven Iris McCallister’s Oh* Brownie to make this Blonde Brownie Nutella ice cream. Seriously good stuff.

The address is 5624 Sears Street, located just across the road from Trader Joes on Lowest Greenville.


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Carnival Barker May Open Saturday

aaron1by Steven Doyle

Aaron Barker is one cool cat. Although he had to sit the summer out from making his marvelous ice cream, you know Carnival Barkers, he is turning the final corner to opening his shop off of Greenville Avenue where you can enjoy his product. Aaron had to shut down his business after a state official bullied him into buying a rather expensive pasteurizer, which he did and will only elevate his ice cream even more.

Now Aaron and his partner Sarah Miller are ready to swing open the doors at their shop located at 5624 Sears Street just off Greenville next to the new Trader Joes. The ice creamery is actually located in Jason Boso’s Truck Park. This is where Boso will be selling hand carved Phillie Cheesesteaks and allowing a select few food trucks in each day to hawk their goods. This is also home to that soon-to-be famous tree house bar. Ahh booze and tree houses, sounds idyllic, eh?   Continue reading

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Carnival Barker’s Beats The Heat

by Steven Doyle

Almost a year ago local musician Aaron Barker was sitting back enjoying a little Food Network action when he spotted a piece on something called Ice Cream College. This is a place where you go to learn the fine art of making ice cream, both the right way, and the wrong way.   Continue reading

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