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The Establishment Hits A Home Run

Interiorby Steven Doyle

It was nearly two years ago that Brian Williams and Michael Martensen announced that they were opening a pair of businesses in the old Trece spot at 4513 Travis, just a jet off of Knox.  The promise was for an unusual reservation bar serving extremely customized cocktails at Smyth, and a  ramped up version of Cedars Social called The Establishment. The idea behind the Establishment would be to offer similar fare as Cedars, with an added bonus feature of an oyster bar offering a spread of at least a dozen varieties from both the east and west coasts.

The promise held true, and the Establishment opened nearly a year and a half later, and without Martensen. He moved on to assume part ownership of Driftwood, and will soon open Proof + Pantry in One Arts in the Art’s District. That leaves Williams, who brilliantly hired chef  Brent Hammer from Hibiscus as exec (remember his lamb ribs?) and Jason Ferraro as chef de cuisine. Emphasis on the brilliant.    Continue reading

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Chef Tarasevich Goes Underground For A Night

tarasevichby Steven Doyle

Chef Daniel Tarasevich is planning an underground dinner to show off an idea he has for a restaurant he plans to open later in 2014. We will let the chef explain the special evening that takes place July 17th.   Continue reading

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So&So’s Big Surprise: The Food Is Insanely Good

DSC03006by Steven Doyle

The latest party venue in Uptown has a bit of a surprise. So&So’s, which opened just a few short months go is a great place in the Dallas Uptown area for a good cocktail, cool bands and kicked up people watching patio, but it is fast becoming a hot spot for good food as well.

With executive chef  Nick Amoriello at the helm the kitchen has taken a turn for the delicious, far exceeding what you might consider for a venue of this type. He is making a very good burger, and one of the better pizzas in the area. But did you expect hamachi crudo or one of the best beef tartares in Dallas? I did not see this coming, and what an amazing surprise it was to sample through the menu created by the former chef at Mot Hai Ba.   Continue reading


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Belly And Trumpet’s Brian Zenner Captured The Sea

belly1by Steven Doyle

Chef Brian Zenner is an interesting soul of a chef, and it plays out well on his plates. Born in Thailand, but also lived in Dubai and London, gives this chef a well rounded perspective on how we should be dining. The chef sharpened his skills working in Portland and in Austin before making his way to Dallas where he had a stint at the Mansion on Turtle Creek just before being recruited as Chef de Cuisine at Oak under Jason Maddy. Zenner finally landed his own exec position at Belly and Trumpet. It is at Belly that the man displays his talent, and we are all better for this.

This past weekend Zenner entertained a packed house to a Sea to Table dinner, which consisted of eleven courses, not counting a pastry course by Oak chef Lucia Merino. The night sizzled with excitement as each course was hand delivered; you could hear a strong buzz among the crowd which was suddenly silenced and replaced with the soft clink of forks hitting plates.     Continue reading

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My Dinner with André

IMG_4206Wilder and woollier than ever, André Natera has taken on the biggest gig of his life, and he’s back to boxing, Muay Thai Boxing, wrestling and MMA

by Andrew Chalk

Whatever happened to André Natera, the former chef at the The Pyramid Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel (according to the Pyramid web site he is still there), later execuchef at Village Kitchen (née Village Marquee (née Marquee Grill)), RIP2? The answer is that he is the execuchef for The Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa, a massive resort and country club complex just 20 minutes from downtown Austin (and three hours from Dallas). With three golf courses adjacent to the property and a fourth, affiliated course, 25 miles away, the resort is one of the foremost golf destinations in Texas. Additionally, there are 11 tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, super spa, a nature trail and complete schedules of kids-only and adult-only activities.

The food operation behind all this is, as they say, André’s oyster. That means the flagship restaurant Hill Country Dining Room, 8212 Wine Bar and Grill, a bar named Barton’s Lodge, pool and cabana service, in-room dining, plus the restaurant in the country club on the same, massive site. In addition, Omni has another country club (Lakeside) about 25 miles away that Natera oversees as well.   Continue reading


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Chef Genius Andre Natera Unfolds Food Quandry

Chef Andre Natera, photo by Danny Fulgencio - dannyfulgencio.comby Steven Doyle

We know that brilliant chefs can cook, and it truly is a form of art. But how are they with the sciences? For sure the art of pastry is a science, where as cooking on the savory side is more of a dalliance of braising or even a  tete-a-tete on the grill with their favorite cut of cow. But today we see that the chef’s mind works far more three dimensional than most.

To prove the genius of at least one of our favorite chefs, we examine the paperwork of Andre Natera who provides proof once and for all that “pie equals cake”. Read on for proof.   Continue reading

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