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Deep Ellum Brewing Releases Four Swords

four swordsby Steven Doyle

Last night the boys from Deep Ellum Brewing Company were out in full force at Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House to celebrate the release of their latest and insanely good beer, Four Swords. Four Swords is not a beer for the faint of heart or weak of knees. This Belgian quadruple has a bold flavor of dark fruits, figs and toffee. The mouth feel is gentle and creamy, although it clocks in at a powerful 9.5% ABV.

We scurried up to Goodfriend last night for a taste and meet up with brewmaster, Jeremy Hunt who was happy with his latest brew. We are as well. We asked what his inspiration was behind Four Swords.   Continue reading

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A Look At Armadillo Ale Works

armadillioby Brian Wall

It’s not easy to start a business. Many of you that have understand how difficult it can be. If it isn’t the financial aspect, it can be the location or the legality of the business. Craft beer breweries hit these problems frequently. If it is not all the bureaucratic red tape of the liquor laws then it may just be the financial downside of equipment and ingredients to make that liquid ambrosia we enjoy tasting so much. Ask any home brewing enthusiast if they would enjoy making beer for a living and the answer would probably be unanimously “YES!”. Armadillo Ale Works knows this knowledge firsthand.  Continue reading

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Labor of Love at Deep Ellum Brewing Co

DSCN0050by Brian Wall

Being a craft beer lover means that there are plenty of opportunities to find a festival for sampling a multitude of different beers. Some of these fests are designed specifically around beer and allow one to try a one to three ounce sample with the ability to buy more sample cards. This past Sunday was another beer fest with minor exception- it featured home brewers’ creations.

Labor of Love, as it is known, celebrated its second year at Deep Ellum Brewing Company. Young, old, male, female, it didn’t really who they were because they all shared the same desire to try beers that are not on the market. It is amazing to see what home brewers can develop, create and make into a brew that would knock anyone’s taste buds into a beer frenzy. Names are created for these “breweries” just as the name of the beers offered- to add a special zing. All the beers that were tasted were without a doubt exceptional.    Continue reading

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Beer Me: Deep Ellum Brewing Company

deep ellum brew1by Brian Wall

It’s not often that a brewery opens with little fanfare. This might be because of our love of beer or may be because of the flavors blending together from the genius mind of the brewer. When you hear about this new brewery, your heart flutters slightly, your pupils may dilate and your mouth may water in the anticipation of finding where this beer. If you’re lucky, the beer happens to surface at your local watering hole or maybe the restaurant you got dragged to friends or a significant other. When the brewery bottles or cans its beer, you search everywhere for its location.

The only downside to all this is that the full beer experience will be limited. What if you were able to sip the golden nectar from its birthplace? Sniff the grains that offered their sugars, touch the tanks that coaxed those sugars out and met the people responsible for imparting this little taste nirvana upon you? It might be time for a local brewery tour if this sounds exciting.   Continue reading

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Meet Jeremy Hunt, Brewmaster At Deep Ellum Brewing Company

DSC09304by Steven Doyle

A few short months ago Deep Ellum Brewing Company hired a new brewmaster, Jeremy Hunt, who has been working  at Bluegrass Brewing Company in Louisville, Kentucky for the past two years. Hunt brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm which should translate into some very innovative beers being pumped out of the 8,000 square foot facility. All this comes off of a recent expansion and a thirst to better penetrate the market.

Yesterday the brewery penned a deal that will bring their craft beer to College Station, a major boon for the young company.

This past weekend I had the pleasure to dine with Hunt to discuss beer, Deep Ellum and the future of the brewery.  Continue reading

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craveRADIO: June 23

radio5by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

Crave 6-23-13

If you missed craveRADIO yesterday on 1190 AM from 4 to 6pm, we have the replay for you to listen to today.  We enjoyed having the boys from LUCK who shared with us the thought behind the new restaurant concept going into Trinity Groves which opens most likely this September. They will feature a 40 tap beer rack with local beers from across the North Texas region, along with many dishes on the menu that are beer inspired.

Continue reading

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