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April Food’s Day

bitterby Steven Doyle

April Fools Day has a marvelous history in food. Think back to 1878 when the New York publication capitalized on Thomas Edison’s reputation by announcing that he invented a machine that could transform soil into cereal and turn water into wine. Newspapers around the world ran with the story making this a particularly genius stunt.

Over 100 years later Taco Bell announced it had purchased the Liberty Bell, and would actually be renaming the iconic American symbol as the Taco Liberty Bell. The fast food chain had to recount the story quickly as groups rallied in anger.

Not to be outdone, Whole Foods got in on the Fool’s joke by announcing a new product “organic air”, which came in original, sea breeze, mountain wine, and salt and vinegar. We still want to sample the organic salt and vinegar air. It sounds so British.    Continue reading

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Where The Moose Graze

casa rubiaby Alex “Moose” Perez

We asked local competitive eater Moose Perez where he has been dining lately and he sent us over a short list. Interesting restaurants. We will check in with Moose on occasion.

When it comes to food I’m sure to be as picky as any Foodie, but when it comes to food competitions, you can bet I’ll eat anything thrown at me.  There are four things that take precedence to eating and making it best choice for me: environment, service, drinks, and more importantly, quality of food.  Here are my TOP FIVE places to eat that meet Moose criteria.    Continue reading

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A Gourmet’s Tour of San Antonio

sanantonioby Andrew Chalk

Texans know that San Antonio is the place in Texas where we go to play. However, while it has a firm hold on the family market, what with Sea World, Six Flags and the River Walk, Texans with gourmet pretensions have traditionally gone out of state to regional favorites like Santa Fe or New Orleans, or further afield to San Francisco or New York.

Could I, I challenged myself, construct a gourmet tour of San Antonio that while not, for example, having the same ethnic weighting as in the Creole and Cajun influences in New Orleans, or the same Sonoran desert sensibilities as Santa Fe, nonetheless stand up to those heavyweights in its own unique way? Turns out, it was a piece of cake.

I am defining ‘gourmet’ broadly as an ideal reflecting the finest in food and drink. So it may not be a meal, but rather a visit to a winery, market, brewery or distillery, for example. I am also assuming access to a car, so that you take advantage of San Antonio’s location at the foot of the Texas Hill Country.    Continue reading


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Choosing a Wine To Go With Turkey

turkeyby Andrew Chalk

Thanksgiving is the season for ill-informed discussions about pairing wine with turkey. Luckily, we ran across the antidote to this babble.

Dan Gatlin, owner of Inwood Estate Vineyards, only has 37-years experience making wine so we decided to reprint his views on pairing wine with food. Dan has gained a reputation for up-front  honesty that isn’t afraid to prick some hubris balloons, and that comes through in this post as well..

From his blog…    Continue reading

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Meat Fight Rescue

ronby Steven Doyle

Meat Fight is upon us, and it would seem every decent barbecue  Generalísimo will be either working or judging the event. You know you didn’t get a ticket, we didn’t either. It is a fantastic event that started as a small backyard brouhaha to raise a few bucks for National MS Society by the Observer James Beard award winning writer and former Cheap Bastard, Alice Laussade. Last year the event came out of the closet and was opened to the public with rave reviews, including one from craveDFW.

My ticket last year fell onto my lap after a friend could not make the event. I was driving back into town from the Terlingua Chili Cookoff when the offer was made. I floored the gas pedal and made it back in time for the closing credits of the event but was still able to sample a few slices of brisket and a chunk of sausage made by Brian Luscher. I ate the flesh and it was good.

For those who were not fortunate enough to secure a ticket during the three minutes they were for sale, we have a few meat suggestions of our own. Laussade mentioned a few weeks back that if this event was as successful as she hopes (and it is already) that next year will be much larger and more inclusive.  Peruse our meat laden list below, and if you use any of the following ideas to pass the time your luckier friends are at Meat Fight, consider making a donation to the National MS Society. Karma will assist you next year.    Continue reading

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Dallas Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival Nov 23

whiskeyby Jennifer Thomas

The Dallas Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival returns for its second year on Saturday, November 23 at 7 p.m. The roaring 20’s-themed party will be held at Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG), 1807 Ross Avenue in Dallas.

Connoisseurs of fine spirits can sample some of the world’s best liquors, including whiskey, scotch, and brandy, as well as other top shelf liquors.  In addition, guests will sample fine foods by the culinary teams from Chamberlain’s Steak and Chophouse, Whiskey Cake, The Capital Grille, and many more.    Continue reading

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