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Our Favorite Holiday Film Food Scenes

elfby Steven Doyle

Christmastime is when all make merry, and certainly feast. There is hardly a Christmas film that doesn’t have at least one great dining scene. We have chosen a few of our favorites. Hope you enjoy. We included a few video clips for your enjoyment.

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Eat Me: Kelly’s Reuben At Plano’s Kelly’s Eastside

reubenby Steven Doyle

There are some pretty tasty dining options in downtown Plano as I found out last night, beboppin’ in an out of more than a few last night. One such choice landed us at a spot called Kelly’s Eastside for one of the tastiest sandwiches we have sample in a some time. Perusing the menu, and after sampling the extremely rich crab artichoke dip, we left the selection to our bartender. We were up in the air about a burger or a sandwich. We are always on the hunt for the next best burger, so there is always that bent. And when ordering a burger we generally get it as close to plain as possible for two reasons. First, it just looks better in a photo. And second, you are able to actually taste the burger with out the addition of giant shards of avocado, or spilling in chili.

Our bartender was more hell-bent on us trying out a few of the sandwiches. Normally we would just order all of the above, but we had already swept through a few places in the downtown area, including Lockhart and DaLat. Then there was that super rich crab dip thing we just polished off.    Continue reading

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Eat Me: Deconstructed Pastor at So&So’s

so&soby Steven Doyle

The place with the funny name on McKinney Ave in Uptown Dallas has some pretty tasty food. We popped into So&So’s last night for a cold beer and found the pizza to be terrifically thin and crispy, just the way we prefer in case you are keeping tabs at home.  Be we also tasted the deconstructed pastor, which is a fancy way of saying pork belly nachos.    Continue reading

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Eat Me: Quail “Wings” at Bowl and Barrel

quailby Steven Doyle

Chicken wings will always be all the rage in bars because they are so easy to make as they are to eat. Flavor delivered on its own natural stick, if you will. Somewhere there are a ton of quail scurrying about without the use of their legs, and we are all the better for it. These are very meaty and spicy specimens found at Bowl and BarrelContinue reading

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Scenes From The Ivy Tavern Grand Opening Fete

03_2014_06_Ivy-55by Steven Doyle  photos by Robert Bostick

The Ivy Tavern soft opened a week ago, with the grand opening this past Saturday. Owned and operated by Lisa and Tom Georgalis, former owners of Inwood Tavern, can usually be found waling the tavern and the bodacious patio area which is decorated with a firepit, picnic tables and a variety of entertaining games such as man-sized Jingo blocks and darts. Visiting the tavern several times last week we were able to soak up what has already become an institution with what appears to be a large set of regulars.   Continue reading

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Applebee’s of the Air: American Airlines First Class Dinner

chalk1by Andrew Chalk

Flying back first class from London gave me a chance to board first, sleep on a full-flat seat and take on board something larger than a reading glasses case without being charged more than the price of half a tank of gas. Another perk of first class travel is first class food. American Airlines says its menu selections are “inspired by you and created by our experienced culinary team. So sit back, and satisfy your cravings with the fine cuisine offered onboard.” They then say: “Satisfy your palate with our chef-inspired menu options that range from succulent entrées to light and refreshing selections.”

Buoyed by such promises,  I eagerly awaited meal service. The glossy, printed menu informed me that I would start with an amuse-bouche of “Chicken Pakora with Mango Chutney” (right). The wait was not to be long. Cabin staff bustled around in the kitchen and reappeared with china bowls containing. . . containing what? Two spherical mediocrities on a cocktail stick atop a miserly portion of chutney. The uninspiring appearance turned out to be this dish’s biggest strength. In the mouth, these pakora were just glutinous balls of tasteless glop. Either the recipe had gone wrong in the kitchen, or these were made of those resins you see on documentaries about industrial plastics. These images show the light snack fritters that I was expecting and they bear no relation to the dense, leaden orbs that we were served.    Continue reading


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Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival May 16-18

by Steven Doyle

This weekend Richardson will be all abuzz with plenty of excitement for the whole family. Check out the Wildflower! Arts and Music Festival which starts this Friday, May 16 and runs through out the weekend. There will be plenty of stages set up for all musical tastes, along with your favorite artists from across the country, and of course, food of all sorts.

With six performance stages and dozens of concerts planned over the three-day eclectic extravaganza, Wildflower! will bring the best bands and singer-songwriters together in Richardson’s scenic Galatyn Park. Ticket prices include: Three-Day Pass for $30; Single Day Adult for $20; Kids Pass (age 5-12) for $3; and 4 and under are free. You may also grab group tickets $15 each for 15 tickets or more.    Continue reading

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