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Kin Kin Urban Thai Announces DFW Expansion


Dallas-area fans of noted Thai Chef Eddy Thretipthuangsin are about to get the news they’ve been waiting for these past 18 months. The James Beard-recognized chef who opened his successful American-themed Bite City Grill in Fort Worth’s Montgomery Plaza early last year, has taken Thai cuisine back off the back burner. “Chef Eddy” who recently announced the up-coming February opening of his new place, Kin Kin Urban Thai in Fort Worth’s West 7th district, plans to open two more Kin Kin locations in Dallas this spring.

Kin Kin Urban Thai at 3211 Oak Lawn is slated to open in March/April 2015. A second Dallas outpost, located at Preston Forest, will open in summer 2015.   Continue reading

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Grapevine Craft Brewery Releases Nightwatch Oatmeal Stout in Cans

beerby Steven Doyle

Grapevine Craft Brewery’s newest release, Nightwatch Oatmeal Stout, is ready shelf space. The roasty and chocolaty brew will be in cans January 26 after a successful run strictly on tap. You’ll be able to pick up a case at retail locations throughout the Metroplex just in time for Super Bowl festivities.

Nightwatch Oatmeal Stout is lighter but still well-rounded with subtle fruitiness similar to plum that comes to life via the stout’s malt character. In the days of lore, the dependable, always trustworthy Grapevine nightwatchman walked Main Street ensuring that all was safe and locked. Similarly, Nightwatch Oatmeal Stout will never let you down.

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WTF Velvet Taco? Veal Brains?

tacoby Steven Doyle


Velvet Taco has a long standing tradition of making a special taco each week called the WTC Taco. WTF means Weekly Taco Feature,not that other thing you were thinking.

We were sent word this week that they have upped the stakes on the WTF, and you might be a little impressed by their ability t step out there a bit with ingredients. This weeks WTF is  is a cornmeal fried veal brains taco. Specifically a corn tortilla, egg, goat cheese fingerling potatoes, avocado crema, nopales pico, and salsa verde — along with lime poached and then cornmeal fried veal brains.

Haven’t had your ration of brains this week? Go get ‘em, tiger. There are locations near you.

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Grace to Host Exotic Mushrooms Dinner Jan 16th

Grace_Chef Blaineby Steven Doyle

Grace executive chef Blaine Staniford is ushering in 2015 with an exotic mushroom dinner on the evening of Friday, January 16. Diners will be graced with Hon Shimeji, Trumpet Royale, Hen of the Woods and many other mushrooms during this six-course dinner which includes wine pairings. Vegetarian and vegan menu is also available. This special dinner is Friday, January 16, 2015 with the reception beginning at 6:30pm, and dinner service 7:00pm. This special dinner will surely be one to talk about for some time. We have the menu below. For reservations, please call (817) 877-3388. Continue reading

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FulHum Water Now Available At Central Market

fulhumLocal brand FulHum and Austin bred Central Market are kicking off January with a great way to get a healthier YOU and get an amazing deal at the same time.

What is FulHum and what does that name mean? Well it stands for “Fulvic and Humic” compounds, the main natural components of their 100% natural, +9pH Alkaline mineral-enriched bottled water. FulHum’s proprietary formula is different from other mineral waters because it; detoxifies free radicals, eliminates harmful pathogens, and improves nutrient absorption all while delivering up to 77 minerals that are hard to come by in our daily diets.   Continue reading

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Alice In Wonderland To The Max


by Andrew Chalk

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Last Thursday, it was Max’s Wine Dive located in Fort Worth’s buzzing West 7th Street area. The restaurant hosted one of the most macabre dining events I have been to anywhere in the area: a 12-course Alice In Wonderland themed dinner with matching wines. The event, apparently a creative joint venture between GM Chad Wherry, execuchef Stefon Rishel and, from corporate, Alex Bell the Max’s chain “Creative Content Manager” (as well as being involved with wine buying).

Staff dressed up as characters from the book with Alex Bell as the Mad Hatter who proceeded to punctuate gaps between courses with a rhyming dialog that he had memorized (!) based loosely around the food and the book.  Continue reading

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The Texas History of Chili, Both Powdered and Canned

chiliby Steven Doyle

When it comes to modern home chili remedies we have a few people to thank. First there were the “powder men”, a term I believe chili maven Frank X Tolbert to have coined, and then there are the butchers who first canned and made brick chili to sell to the chili loving consumer. The former dating as far back as the mid 1800’s, and the latter at the dawn of the 20th century.

Tolbert devotes a chapter of his book “Bowl of Red” to the powder men, and waffles on who he thinks brought powdered and packaged chili to mankind. He first attributes William Gebhardt of New Braunfels, but paragraphs later he names DeWitt Pendery of Fort Worth. A little digging shows that both started grinding a powder chili mix in 1890, so it is easy to understand Tolbert’s quandry.    Continue reading

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