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10 Best Places In Dallas For Chili

terlingua2by Steven Doyle

A true bowl of Texas red is near and dear to me, and I am always willing to order a bowl if found on any menu I stumble across. I am pleased to report that there are more chili offerings this year than last, and many have upped the ante in developing a perfect bowl. With temperatures dipping into below freezing ranges in the coming days, what a perfect opportunity to go out and taste a bowl for yourself.  We have a list of some of the best in Dallas area to celebrate National Chili Day.

If you are curious how the chili cook off in Terlingua came to be, you might want to check out this link: The Colorful History of the Chili Cook Off.     Continue reading

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Hibiscus Update: Evolving and Still Top-Tier in Dallas

doddsby Andrew Chalk

In June, we reported on Hibiscus’ new menu and concluded ‘the best new restaurant in Dallas may be an old restaurant’, so compelling was the experience. A recent media event caused a revisit that reinforced that point and reminded us that Hibiscus is a moving target, where the culinary team is always seeking out new directions and ingredients.

Our latest tasting started with a charcuterie board. One might start by remarking that there are lots of good charcuterie boards around town, and so there are, but Hibiscus’ should still give pause as something of a reference work on the genre. Not only is Hibiscus execuchef Graham Dodds a pioneer in farm-to-table cooking in Dallas, he is driven to tinker, invent, reinvent and discover.

In the photograph below, moving along the meats from right to left we have rabbit paté, spicy Spanish chorizo, pork rillettes, smoked duck breast and pork jowl. The promise of those ingredients was eclipsed only by the pickled accompaniments in the bottom row. There are house-cured olives, thumbelina carrots, turnips, squash, Texas okra and wild onions. As I picked at each in turn, I realised that they had been pickled separately and each brought its individual acidity, salinity and even patina of ageing to the meal (the latter being the result of reusing pickling solution multiple times, thereby concentrating and refactoring the recipe).  Continue reading

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Hibiscus Hosts Mi Sueno Wine Dinner Sept 2


On September 2, Hibiscus is co-hosting a wine dinner with Mi Sueño Winery at 6:30pm at the restaurant for $85.00 per person, exclusive of tax and gratuity. Mi Sueño Winery is a boutique, Mexican-owned upscale winery in Napa Valley owned and operated by Rolando Herrera. Mi Sueño produces a variety of wines from both Napa and Sonoma Valley, including Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. The evening will be co-hosted by Mi Sueño Winery’s Jaime Orozco.

The menu prepared by Chef Graham Dodds is as follows:   Continue reading

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Dallas’ Best New Restaurant May Be An Old Restaurant

IMG_4168Hibiscus’ Crispy Lamb Ribs. One of the best dishes I have had this year

by Andrew Chalk

With interesting restaurants opening at a pell-mell pace in Dallas over the last year or two it is a halcyon time for media types without any better ideas to put together “best-of” lists, usually over a couple of drinks. They may want to ponder that the active ingredient in “new”, insofar as restaurants is concerned, is the identity of the chef in charge of the kitchen. By that measure, Graham Dodds accession to the execuchef position at venerable Hibiscus has created a restaurant that is ‘new’ in the operative sense of the word. His task was complicated in following in the path of very capable predecessors.      Continue reading


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Celebrate Wine Poste 1 Year Anniversary With Graham Dodds And Matt Ford

grahamby Jennifer Thomas

On Thursday, June 26th the Wine Poste is celebrating its 1 year anniversary with a Locally Sourced Pig-Centric Dinner and French Wine Pairing Event. SWINE & WINE will be hosted at the Wine Poste and will feature two of the top farm-to-table Chefs in Dallas:  Chef Graham Dodds of Hibiscus and Chef Matt Ford of the Joule.

Each Chef embodies farm-to-table dining like few others in North Texas.  We are excited to be celebrating food, wine, and life at such a wonderful time of year.  There are so many delicious vegetables and fruits that are currently in season.  As always, the evening will begin with a Sparkling Wine reception at 7pm, followed by an elaborate five-course feast with wine pairings at the Wine Poste’s communal tables. Menu items include:   Continue reading

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My Last Meal At Dodd’s Central 214

grahamby Steven Doyle

Nothing rings change of seasons than Graham Dodds and his ever revolving menu. His menus are my personal equinox as seasons change, and I know I will always be tasting something amazingly fresh and new. Fortunately Dodds isn’t the only one in town doing this, but his menus grab with such flair and hospitality. What he has been doing at Central 214 is superbly special.

This is what was upsetting about the news that Dodds is leaving the Hotel Palomar restaurant and making a switch just a few miles down the road for Consilient’s shining star, Hibiscus, where he will work in tandem as co-chef alongside Jason Ferraro. Dodds will be cooking with the same attitude that he was born with. Perhaps this is only upsetting because I am not one for change, unless we are talking seasonal menus.    Continue reading

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Dodds Leaving Central 214

by Steven Doyle     photo by Robert Bostick

I got a call this morning from Graham Dodds who wanted to share that he is leaving Central 214 to work for Tristan Simon at Hibiscus. Consider the post temporary as the two discuss a restaurant for Dodds to operate. Dodds has shared some ideas and menus with Simon, but for now he is considered co-chef of Hibiscus with Jason Ferraro.

Plenty going on for the Consilient Group. We will keep you updated.

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