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10 Best Places In Dallas For Chili

terlingua2by Steven Doyle

A true bowl of Texas red is near and dear to me, and I am always willing to order a bowl if found on any menu I stumble across. I am pleased to report that there are more chili offerings this year than last, and many have upped the ante in developing a perfect bowl. With temperatures dipping into below freezing ranges in the coming days, what a perfect opportunity to go out and taste a bowl for yourself.  We have a list of some of the best in Dallas, and even one from Fort Worth that you will want to sample.

If you are curious how the chili cook off in Terlingua came to be, you might want to check out this link: The Colorful History of the Chili Cook Off.    Continue reading

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My Last Meal At Dodd’s Central 214

grahamby Steven Doyle

Nothing rings change of seasons than Graham Dodds and his ever revolving menu. His menus are my personal equinox as seasons change, and I know I will always be tasting something amazingly fresh and new. Fortunately Dodds isn’t the only one in town doing this, but his menus grab with such flair and hospitality. What he has been doing at Central 214 is superbly special.

This is what was upsetting about the news that Dodds is leaving the Hotel Palomar restaurant and making a switch just a few miles down the road for Consilient’s shining star, Hibiscus, where he will work in tandem as co-chef alongside Jason Ferraro. Dodds will be cooking with the same attitude that he was born with. Perhaps this is only upsetting because I am not one for change, unless we are talking seasonal menus.    Continue reading

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Dodds Leaving Central 214

by Steven Doyle     photo by Robert Bostick

I got a call this morning from Graham Dodds who wanted to share that he is leaving Central 214 to work for Tristan Simon at Hibiscus. Consider the post temporary as the two discuss a restaurant for Dodds to operate. Dodds has shared some ideas and menus with Simon, but for now he is considered co-chef of Hibiscus with Jason Ferraro.

Plenty going on for the Consilient Group. We will keep you updated.

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Soft Shell Crabs, Red Wattle Pig and Long Beans Await You At Central 214

DSC08723by Steven Doyle

Last week our beloved wine guru, Andrew Chalk, checked out the new summer menu at Central 214. The rest of the staff was so taken by the menu and the glowing review Andrew had for the restaurant and Chef Graham Dodds that we went in for a looksee ourselves. We were not prepared for what the chef had in store. Some of these are specials, and others can be found on the current menu. What is amazing is the fact that Dodds always keeps it fresh. Let’s just call this Central 214 Week at CraveDFW and move forward with the feast we enjoyed.  Continue reading

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Central 214′s Amber West Has A New Cocktail Menu Q&A

DSC08705by Steven Doyle

One of our most favorite cocktailiers in Dallas can be found behind the stick at Central 214 in the Palomar Hotel. Amber West draws much of her inspiration from what is growing around her. Be it in a few solitary pots she has hidden across the hotel campus, or those found in her secret garden at home. What is fresh, what is now, is what the young bartender finds most exciting.

After reading Andrew Chalk’s write up on a recent dinner he experienced at the hotel restaurant, we set out to have a taste of our own. Graham Dodds is up to his usual shenanigans in the kitchen, and we have even more to report about his new menu, but we also had a chance to usher Ms. West away from her confines to the Palomar patio for a brief visit.  Continue reading

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Central 214 Summer Menu

IMG_1665Daily Special: Squash Carpaccio with a Chanterelle Conserva and Squash Blossom Fritters

by Andrew Chalk

Central 214, the aspirational New American farm-to-table restaurant at the Hotel Palomar, has just introduced execuchef Graham Dodds’ summer menu. The changes are far-reaching, introducing salads that glorify the vegetables and fruit of summer, beef ribs that put those expensive (if you count queuing time) central Texas barbecue places to shame, and juicy brined Berkshire pork chop that has rich flavors that shows off the restaurant’s careful sourcing policy.

I have said in the past that the local sourcing policy as Central 214 stopped at the edge of the plate. I described the wine list as a hit parade of the bottom 40 from California and of national corporate dominance. Scratch that. The list has undergone a total cellardectomy and now features at least six Texas wines (more details below) and a 360⁰ vision about origin. Add to that a comprehensive cocktail list by mixologist Amber West and Central 214 continues its march to the forefront of Dallas restaurants.          Continue reading


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