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An Interesting Indian Restaurant Opens In Irving


by Andrew Chalk

Irving is one of the two top destinations in the Dallas area for Indian food (the other being Plano). However, most establishments are content to survive on a combination of a lunchtime steam table and an à la carte evening menu constructed around stereotypical Indian dishes (much as hoards of Italian neighborhood restaurants turn out an endless repertoire of “me-too” red sauce dishes).

As much as I love the bargain that is the Indian lunch buffet and the favorites on the stereotypical Indian menu, my greatest excitement is engendered by the discovery of a restaurant doing something new, even bordering on ambitious.     Continue reading

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Bread Zeppelin Rocks Our Lunch

DSC09721by Steven Doyle

Lunch today was fresh and different. Although it consisted of a salad and sandwich, these were not your ordinary lunch choices. We checked out Bread Zeppelin, the new sandwich shop we mentioned was opening their first shop a few months ago. The opened for business very recently and we felt compelled to check this one out.

We chatted with the owners, Troy Charhon and Andrew Schoellkopf, both who have unique culinary backgrounds, and found that the Zeppelin is their own invention. The name sounded as if it was a sandwich choice back East, like a hoagie, grinder or hero, but this was not the case. The Zeppelin is a unique product devised by these guys.   Continue reading


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ZENse Thai For Bright Colors And Flavor

DSC09712by Steven Doyle

This past weekend on craveRADIO we hosted Chef Tiffany Derry who raved about a restaurant that at one time she lived very close to. ZENse Thai is located on MacArthur Blvd, and in a shopping center where there are mostly Indian restaurants and shops, which makes this Thai restaurant a stand out. It just happens that the food is incredible. Derry is so taken with the restaurant that she often stages at ZENse to “sharpen her wok skills”.

Derry was kind enough to extend an invitation for lunch yesterday and we happily agreed. Along for lunch was co-host Uno Immaninvong who has an affinity for Thai having grown up with these flavors. We were also able to use Chef Uno to listen in to the kitchen talk which was not nearly as amusing as I had hoped. It was all work for the ladies who run ZENse.   Continue reading

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ZestFest Blazes New Trails In Fiery Eating Madness

zestfest1by Jeanine Stevens

Each year I typically spend months working up to a few million Scoville units’ worth of packing heat.  Then the big survival test comes at ZestFest, the largest gathering of spicy foods and spicy foods aficionados of the year.  Aisle after aisle of hotness purveyors offered samples at the 10th annual expo, held this past weekend at the expansive Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas.  The choices were enough to satisfy any and all burning food desires.  Jolokia pepper salsas: check.  Habanero ketchups: check.  Atomic wing sauces: check.    Continue reading

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Beaujolais Festival 2012

DSC04106by Steven Doyle

Poor weather conditions in France has more than halved the Beaujolais production this year, but that didn’t stop revelers and Francophiles last weekend from lining up in record numbers at the 2012 Beaujolais Festival that was held at the Irving Convention Center.

The Beaujolais vineyards are expected to produce just over 400,000 hecto-litres this year, against last year’s 853,000 last which was considered a good vintage. Adverse weather troubles began last February with severe frosts that damaged old vines. Hailstorms from April to August then destroyed some vineyards, and rain has slowed the development of the remaining plants.      Continue reading

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Celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau This Friday Nov 30

by Steven Doyle

Sponsored by the French American Chamber of Commerce of Dallas/Fort Worth (FACC), the Festival not only includes Beaujolais Nouveau, but additional French and American wines. Wines will provide a taste from Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire Valley, Rhône Valley, California, Washington and Texas vintages.

This year’s Festival takes place on Friday, Nov. 30 from 7 to 9:30pm, at the Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas (ICCLC), being the first FACC event to be held in Irving and will host more than 2,000 attendees expected at what has now become the largest Beaujolais & Beyond Wine Festival in the U.S.       Continue reading

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