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The Next Kitchen LTO Chef Is Brooke Egger

brookby Steven Doyle

The next Kitchen LTO chef is the talented young lady from California, Brooke Eggers.

Brooke Egger was first suggested by the current LTO chef, Eic Shelton. They both competed on Food Network’s Cut Throat Kitchen, and Egger has now flown to Dallas three times to perform tastings for the chef gig. Egger comes from a long line of butchers dating back to the 1600′s, and there are still Egger Meat Markets in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

Egger claims to make the very best burger, which includes tarragon, sherry and “other elements”, and uses a Norwegian cheese to top off the special meat blend, along with a Tennessee mustard slaw with a tarragon cream and a salted brioche bun. Egger also has her own line of culinary war in the works.    Continue reading

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Who Will Win The Next Kitchen LTO Top Chef Position?

DSC01597by Steven Doyle

Trinity Groves was hopping last night as Kitchen LTO began its voting ritual in search of its next chef who will take the helm behind the revolving kitchen door. Kitchen LTO’s concept is a unique one where chefs vie for four months as executive chef at the Trinity Groves restaurant. This makes for a heated battle, and entertainment for its patrons who lined up to sample dishes from a small handful of hopeful chefs. Last night chef Scott Townend took top honors in the initial public voting, but all the chefs are still expecting to ultimately win the post through additional public voting online this week. The voting last night was extremely close, with a mere two votes separating first and second place.     Continue reading

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Ready For Round Three Of Kitchen LTO At Trinity Groves?

sheltonby Steven Doyle

Kitchen LTO is coming up on its third round of chef incarnations for the Trinity Groves restaurants. Remember the concept is to attract and install a new chef every 4 months. Chefs are whitteled down by committee, and then voted on by the public. You are able to meet and taste offerings from the finalists on Sunday, May 4th, then encouraged to go online to vote for your favorite.

The first round chef was won by Norman Grimm, followed by Eric Shelton. The chefs chosen attract quite a bit of attention from the media, not just locally, but across the country. It is an excellent means of promotion for an up-and-coming chef, or a seasoned chef that needs a boost of publicity to jump start their career in a new direction. This next round of chefs we notice several from both categories.     Continue reading

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The New LTO Chef Eric Shelton Shakes Up Trinity Groves

DSC09671by Steven Doyle

Kitchen LTO is now in full swing motion and in its second incarnation. You recall the restaurant in Trinity Groves that reinvents itself every four months, and the public chooses the chef. That chef brings along different flavors and a menu that is uniquely theirs and runs the restaurants as their own for a quarter of a year. The latest chef is Eric Shelton who most recently was the executive chef for the M Dining at the State Fair Music Hall. We have chatted with Shelton many times in the past and you can find some of our conversation here , but the chef comes to Dallas with a wonderful CV and an excellent culinary education.

You may also recall Shelton recently from the Food Network’s Cut Throat Kitchen episode where he cooked from a tackle box that was bestowed upon him. We love an inventive chef.   Continue reading

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Vote For The Next Kitchen LTO Chef Now

DSC09537by Steven Doyle

Kitchen LTO is the most unique of all restaurants in Trinity Groves. Unique in the fact that both the kitchen and design is retooled every four month with the installation of a new executive chef and their menu. Owned by Casie Caldwell, who also owns all the Greenz restaurants in the DFW area, LTO is looking for their next chef to start in February. This past weekend Caldwell hosted a soiree where all the potential chefs fr the next round were revealed and competed to a capacity crowd for votes.  On hand also were the potential designers who ere more than eager to discuss their plans for this project and their future in the design world.

Here you can meet the chefs yourself and hear first hand the menu concept they have in mind for LTO. After the read, go to the LTO website and cast your vote.   Continue reading


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Help Select The Next LTO Chef This Sunday

LTOby Steven Doyle

You know Kitchen LTO, one of he first restaurants to springboard into Trinity Groves. The concept is unique and offers a new chef, fresh menu and decor each quarter of the year. The inaugural chef was and still is Norman Grimm who brought his special style of New American cuisine to the new space. Now it is time for the first change of the guard and you can witness the selection process in hot action this weekend.    Continue reading

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