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Lakewood Brewing Antigoon’s Revenge

lakewodby Brian Wall

Ahh, St. Patrick’s Day. There are fewer days on the calendar year that are more perfectly suited for enjoying a beer. New Year’s, your birthday and Fourth of July come to mind as better days but St. Pat’s is definitely in those rankings if not at the top of the list. While there were quite a few beers drank on this day, none being green because I don’t drink poor beer that requires green coloring, the one that definitely stands out is Lakewood Brewing Company’s Antigoon’s Revenge.

Lakewood Brewing Company has a focus on Belgian style beers and Antigoon’s Revenge is no exception to this rule. Antigoon’s Revenge is a limited release Belgian-style golden ale from their Legendary Series. Most Belgian ales are very light in hop flavor and can be slightly sweet or spicy depending on the malts and yeast used in the brewing process.  The Belgian ales that I have personally tasted have a slight spicy flavor from the yeast strains used.      Continue reading

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Tequila Aged Beers Event At Goodfriend Feb 23

tasting 2by Jennifer Thomas

Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House partners with Lakewood Brewing Co. and Puro Verde Tequila for “¡Ay Dios Amigos!” to release very special beers aged in Puro Verde barrels on Sunday, February 23, 2014. Hosting an all-day event, goodfriend will be the only place to get this world premiere beer. Live music will begin at 3pm featuring Hazardous Dukes, Psycho Pony, and Hell Texas.

This event is a year in the making. Carlos Bell, the general manager at Goodfriend, asked Trey Baumgarner, the owner of Puro Verde Tequila, for four of their Añejo Tequila barrels for Lakewood Brewing Co.  Along with Bell, Matt Tobin, Josh Yingling from Goodfriend and Craig Reeves from Puro Verde Tequila delivered the barrels to Wim Bens from Lakewood Brewing Co. to begin the aging process.  Two barrels of Lakewood Lager (Vienna-style Lager) and 2 barrels of La Dame Du Lac (Bierre de Garde), part of the Lakewood Legendary Series were aged in the Tequila barrels for nine months. A couple of months ago, all parties involved came together for a taste test.   Continue reading

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LUCK Has 40 Quality Craft Beers For $5 Each

LUCKby Steven Doyle

Last night I popped in to Trinity Groves to see how the opening night at LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) was going. I was able to chat up the owners and they were all pleasantly happy with the first night turn out, which they said was largely made up of people from around the neighborhood. I would assume these people enjoying large slabs of pot roast and those delicious beirocks were most likely from the northern most sections of Oak Cliff.

As I made my way to the bar to enjoy a few choice selections from the tap, I was pleased to be informed that all the beers were a mere $5. This is the same pricing scheme that Union Bear adopted early on, but has since abandoned that most excellent offering. These are the same delicious beers seen across the city selling for up to $9 a pint.    Continue reading

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Touring Lakewood Brewing Company

lakewoodby Brian Wall

It’s a Saturday. You have the day off, no serious projects around the residence and there are no plans. Weather is not an issue. What to do? How about a brewery tour?! The biggest problem is what brewery to take a tour on a Saturday. This week the brewery tour happened in Garland. Lakewood Brewing Company opened in August 2012 and continues to brew some very impressive beers. The brewery itself has a nice lodge-like front area where the majority of the samples are poured. A very large table greets visitors and welcomes friendly discussion about almost anything. The main brew floor hosts live music and a secondary pouring station with two taps. In the back of the brewery, a food truck offered wares for those looking for a bite. Four samples were tasted on this tour for the entry fee of ten dollars and each beer was drank from a Belgian-style beer glass.

The first beer sampled was the anniversary beer, Lion’s Share I. This beer is a double IPA and gave a nice malty-citrus scent. Color was a light caramel and slightly cloudy. Foam was clinging on the top of the glass. The first sip gave a pleasant, sweet maltiness with very little hop bite. There was a strong flavor of alcohol but no alcohol burn or bite as one might expect. Being a double IPA, the alcohol can be expected. This beer does justice as the specialty for their anniversary.            Continue reading

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Lakewood Brewing Company Bottled Beer Guide

DSC04829by Steven Doyle

2012 was a fantastic year for the Dallas craft brew scene. So many up and coming brewers took to the streets replacing taps across North Texas and beyond. Now I know the electric thrill that must have been buzzing during the great space race to see which country might land on the moon. In the beer world we all end up being winners.

This week Lakewood Brewing Company shipped their first ration of bottles to area stores and met with great success. We created a buying guide for those wanting to sample a few bottles this weekend.    Continue reading


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