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Peticolas And Rahr Win Big At International Craft Awards

peticolas1by Steven Doyle

Recently the International Craft Awards recognized a few local favorites in the beer category. The competition  brings together the top craft brewers from everywhere to showcase and award craft beer and its integral position in the larger Craft movement. Only independent beers, made with integrity and quality ingredients enter this competition.

On the evening of December 31, 2013, local brewmaster Michael Peticolas was walking out the door to attend a Peticolas beer dinner at LUCK in Trinity Groves when he caught word that he won in a few categories. He announced the prizes during the evening, even to his wife’s surprise. What he announced is not shocking for local devotees, but definitely makes us proud to be part of a growing incredible craft beer movement in North Texas.     Continue reading

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Happy Two Year Anniversary Peticolas Brewing Company *Update*

peticolas4by Steven Doyle

For those that know me even the slightest know that I have been a Peticolas Brewing Company fan from day one. I recall the first time I met Michael Peticolas. I walked into his brewery shortly after he opened up at his nearly hidden facility in the Design District, and he showed me his hardware and chatted up beer. It didn’t seem like much at the time, but weeks later he took gold at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival in Denver for his brilliant English-Style Pale Ale, Royal Scandal. Peticolas followed that feat up with another gold medal in 2013 for the illustrious Velvet Hammer.

In addition to these accolades, Peticolas  won awards for Great Scot, the Strong Scottish, and his spiced Wintervention. The Velvet Hammer may possibly be the only beer married to a beautiful woman.   Continue reading

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LUCK Has 40 Quality Craft Beers For $5 Each

LUCKby Steven Doyle

Last night I popped in to Trinity Groves to see how the opening night at LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) was going. I was able to chat up the owners and they were all pleasantly happy with the first night turn out, which they said was largely made up of people from around the neighborhood. I would assume these people enjoying large slabs of pot roast and those delicious beirocks were most likely from the northern most sections of Oak Cliff.

As I made my way to the bar to enjoy a few choice selections from the tap, I was pleased to be informed that all the beers were a mere $5. This is the same pricing scheme that Union Bear adopted early on, but has since abandoned that most excellent offering. These are the same delicious beers seen across the city selling for up to $9 a pint.    Continue reading

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Get Your Empty Peticolas Growlers Tomorrow

growlersby Steven Doyle

When Peticolas announced on Facebook that they would be selling their new growlers tomorrow during their brew tour at their offices in the Design District, a lot of people took notice and were possibly visibly excited. The very thought of taking home award winning beer such as Golden Opportunity or the Velvet Hammer seemed like a wonderful proposition. Alas, the growlers will be empty. But they are super cool looking.

Do not let the fact that our odd Texas laws will not allow Michael Peticolas to sell you a growler full deter you from buying one of these nifty vessels. They cost $10 for the small version and $20 for the big boy, and you can take them to places like Whole Foods or Craft and Growler and have them filled as often as you care to do so.

The very empty growlers go on sale at 1pm tomorrow.


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LUCK To Host Pop-Up Dinner At Bob’s July 14

DSC07164by Steven Doyle

As we continue to follow the various restaurants that will be opening in Trinity Groves we notice a trend for at least a few of the new restaurateurs to host a pop-up dinner. These special dinners give the owners some real life ideas as to which menu items their prospective clientele will enjoy. LUCK has been hosting such a dinner each month since their restaurant announcement, and most likely will continue through their August opening.  Continue reading

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Hypnotic Donuts Invites Cheese-Beer Maven To Create A Special Chicken Biscuit

DSC04799by Steven Doyle

Ali Kay Hammer is back on our radar again, this time the Scardello cheese monger is getting her biscuit on at Hypnotic Donuts on Garland Road in East Dallas. If you recall, just a week ago Ali was rocking the Peticolas house during their first anniversary with her wedding to the beer Velvet Hammer.

Beginning tomorrow and at least through the end of the month of January, you can experience what it is like in Ali’s mouth by ordering her version of the chicken biscuit. This is an ongoing program at Hypnotic and there have been more than a few fun versions of the chef driven biscuit since owner James St. Peter decided to invite chefs to play in his wacky kitchen once a month. Last month we all enjoyed The Grape owner Brian Luscher’s homemade sausages in a bun, this month we see what Ali has to offer.     Continue reading

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