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Craving Wild Pacific King Salmon

by Jon Alexis

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word “superfood” as…who are we kidding? There is no real definition of the word “superfood.” But if anything is a crave-worthy “superfood”, Wild Pacific King Salmon is the super-est of superfoods.

Even more super (super-er?), Dallas has access to a world-class selection of Wild Pacific King Salmon.

Towards the end of March, the Wild Pacific King Salmon begin to spawn. The fish inherently know the specific conditions for the river into which they’ll travel: water temperature, current speed, distance, elevation, etc.

With this knowledge, the salmon build their bodies for fighting their way upstream in that particular river. The Columbia River is nearly 1,000 miles long and very flat. The Copper River is only about 300 miles long but climbs nearly a mile in elevation. Just like a marathon runner and a middle linebacker have different body types, these different salmon develop very different body types.

The end result is a multitude of Wild King Salmon available from March through July, each one with a different taste and texture.

So what makes this salmon so super? First, it’s simply delicious. King salmon flesh is a full-flavored salmon. But during spawning season, marbled throughout the salmon’s flesh are thick slabs of white fat. This fat is creamy and mild, and balances with the rich salmon flavor to create a perfectly balanced dish in and of itself.

Unlike other proteins, the fat itself is actually healthy. Not in a rice cracker it-won’t-hurt-you kind of healthy. It’s actually proactive…the fat is loaded with fish oil and omega 3’s which act like Liquid Plumber for your arteries.

But wait, there’s more. This fish is THE model for sustainability in a wild species. The governing bodies were way ahead of the curve, setting and enforcing quotas to ensure that our grandkids will get to taste Copper River salmon.

Delicious. Healthy. Sustainable. Cornucopia of different flavors and textures. And you wonder why I crave Wild Pacific King Salmon come March?

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