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Seamus Stout on Tap

by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

Seamus Stout may sound like the latest beer find at the Old Monk but you would be mistaken. It is instead a traditional Celtic musical group who have established themselves in the North Texas area over the last seven years playing local pubs and festivals. And these guys are damned good.

The motley crew is made up of four seemingly Irish gents. Jarrod Fay plays the Tin Whistle and Irish Flute. Jan Cermak is the strings man and man-handles the fiddle, Mandolin and Irish Bouzouki (think larger lute and a chordal accompaniment for melodies played on the flute or fiddle). Billy K Harmony plays the Guitar and Damon Swindall on the Bodhran (think tambourine if you must, but actually a hand-held drum).

Their talent is strong and I was able to catch up with the group at the Irish Festival last weekend and thought so much of the group we tilted a few (many) beers and shots of whiskey. As we sat telling tales, the boys would break out in perfect unison, and even better harmonies,  swift drinking tunes as we hoisted a pint.

You can find the group tonight at the newly opened Sol Irlandes in Richardson at 7 to 11pm, Sol Irlandes is a strange Mexican-Irish pub. The original is downtown Dallas, and the food is pretty good. But do not expect much in the way of traditional fish and chips. More like chips and salsa. Regardless, they will have good tunes to sooth your longing for the sunset wafting through the swaying heather in Killarney.

Also find the group at Capitol Pub at 11am, the Dubliner at 4pm, and Trinity Hall at 9pm, then again at Trinity at Sunday at 12:30pm on St. Patrick’s Day at 9pm. You can also find the guys on iTunes, or grab one of their new CD’s at any performance. Told you they were that good.

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