Artizone Contest!

Artizone offers you the opportunity to buy from your favorite artisans with the convenience of online shopping — the time and money you save from driving to the store, shopping for ingredients and driving back home again can be spent on creating your very own culinary masterpiece.

While out running around last night we ran into the owners of Artizone and they offered us a $50 Gift Certificate. We of course want to pass that on to our readers so you can experience their service and quality of products first hand. So here’s the deal, write a short note on Crave or on Crave Facebook and explain how you might use the certificate. To make things simple, we are listing the various vendors below. Remember that Artizone delivers in certain regions of the Dallas area, so check their website. Good luck, winner will be announced Friday afternoon. Deadline is noon Friday.

Spiceman’s FM 1410

La Duni

VonGeertsem Butcher Shoppe

Flavors from Afar


JJ&B- Jellies, Jams and Butters


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9 responses to “Artizone Contest!

  1. I would use the certificate toward the Cuartro Leches Cake, or some free range eggs (when that becomes available).

  2. mary

    mmmmmm, jellies jams & butters is GREAT! i would use the money to get some fancy pepper jam.

  3. Gary

    I think I would order steaks and have a party!

  4. It would be used with products from VonGeertsem Butcher Shoppe, I would either introduce Boar’s Head Deli products at the Cowboy Kitchen, or get some Kobe Beef to prepare my wife Becky’s Birthday dinner March 26th. Happy Birthday Becky. If I win I might throw in some extra money of my own and do both. Either way, I am definatly checking this resource out.

  5. I would love for my hubby, Ed (post above) to win so that he can make a great Birthday dinner for me. He is a great cook and would make something wonderful, I’m sure. Tell him he needs to go to culinary school to refine his talent! Also, whether he wins the contest or not, this is a great resource for his cafe, the Cowboy Kitchen.

  6. 9bear34

    I would use the money for gourmet cheeses at Scardellos. Using such cheeses in my dishes would expand my culinary repertoire. It would be fantastic to be able to try a new assortment of cheeses that I have never tasted before. Of course I would include an assortment of breads and some delicious honeycomb to round out the meal. That would be the perfect dinner.

  7. Justin Foley

    I would use the certificate at Spiceman’s shop…been going there for years…he’s passionate, eminently knowledgeable, and has a great assortment of fresh produce…I’d blow the $50 on mushrooms alone!

  8. Mr. Expert,

    Are you going to have a follow up post or article about this anytime soon? 🙂


  9. Sorry! Justin Foley was the winner and we ask he send us an email today.

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