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Savor Lunch at Stephan Pyles

by Ina Bostick

photos by Nicholas Bostick

Spending a beautiful Saturday morning with Stephan Pyles at his flagship restaurant classroom is something everyone should experience.  He is a delightful and attentive host making each attendee feel at home.   Day two of Savor Dallas 2011 started off this morning at chef Pyles restaurant and the room was packed. To begin the class we were  treated to a spicy, tart, salty, sweet, and refreshing Patron Tequila Passion fruit-Chile Margarita.  With attentive servers refilling glasses, the happy group was more than ready for the next course.  We were pleasantly surprised by the perfect starter for a warm Dallas day, Pyles’ Asparagus-Pine nut Soup with Parmesan-Lime Crisp and Jamon-Serrano Ice Cream.  Pyles had the class eager for more with his witty quips, and they were not disappointed by the Licorice Root Beef Lollipop with Wild Mushroom-Risotto Fritter, Curried Sweet Potatoes and Coffee-Cocoa Glaze.

The mouth-watering roasted beef had our stomachs growling in anticipation for the dining experience to follow.

The final course was an impeccably light Meyer Lemon Panna Cotta with Macerated Blackberries and a warm White Chocolate Foam.  The airiness of the delicate white chocolate foam matched perfectly with the brightness of the berries closing out a most marvelous afternoon.  Pyles presentation made creating these dishes seem simple and inspired the group to reach for new culinary heights.  Look for more classroom and dining experiences with Stephan at his Ross Avenue restaurant – a must for any gourmet.

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