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Great One (or Two) Cookie Company

by Steven Doyle
photos by Robert Bostick

Tucked away in a tiny building that formerly housed the Monticello Gallery at 3111 Monticello you will now find one of the best cookies in Dallas. To hear Great One Cookie Company owner Pam Denesuk describe the cookie, it might possibly be the best in the country. After a few bites into the delicate warm center of the chocolate chip confection it is difficult to disagree with the former New York City resident.

“Life is too short to eat an average cookie. I believe if you are going to have a cookie it should be great, and that’s why we started the Great One Cookie Company,” said the cookie entrepreneur.

The day we visited the 750 square foot facility Denesuk was busily baking three types of cookies and experimenting with a fourth. We were able to sample the chocolate chip, the white chocolate with macadamia and cranberry, and the undeniable best oatmeal raisin cookie ever to be hoisted to my lips. Tiny versions of each cookie were placed on the front counter to be sampled, and as a few customers filed through the doorway of the new business each made a bee-line towards the two-bite cookie sample before making purchases.

“We do make the mini cookies in addition to the full-sized cookies. We also are happy with special requests. Next week we introduce a new peanut butter cookie with pretzels and chocolate. The day after Easter we will introduce a cookie called the chocolate extravaganza,” smiled Denusek.

Denusek continued speaking how about how the cookie company came to exist, but my mind wandered as I stared down the sample bowl of cookies, then it hit me. She just said the words “chocolate extravaganza”. What is a chocolate extravaganza?

“Ahh,” smiled the Denusek, “a lot of people give up chocolate for Lent so we will prepare a special cookie just for those people. You will just have to come back to see what the special cookie is all about.”

You can bet I will.

“I will also be channeling my Italian roots and soon be making my Italian cookies made from my grandmother’s Sicilian recipes. One is a traditional Italian spice cookie that is made from many ingredients, all fresh and super high quality,” explained Denusek.

As we sat speaking and noshing on cookies new customers filed into the shop that at the time didn’t even have a sign out front. One couple was lost but sampled the cookies and immediately was compelled to purchase a dozen. Another couple walked in that were repeat customers that were already addicted to the sweet goodness of Great One’s chocolate chips and bought a dozen to take on a flight to New York City. They are just that good.

For now the cookies are boxed with a stylish ribbon, but soon you will be able to select one of their hand-made cookie jars that are being designed by a local artist and custom made in three sizes.

You can buy the cookies online, in their cookie boutique on Monticello (recommended for the sample factor) or even have them hand delivered. Densuek is one sweet cookie that won’t pass on an opportunity to have you take a bite.

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