Alamo Race Track – Unicorn Loves Deer

by Bryan Coonrod

Hailing from the Netherlands, Alamo Race Track is now targeting an international audience with it’s third release. Hipsters are going to be all over this one, with its very bubblegum and sunshine sound very reminiscent of The Beatles in the late 60’s.

It’s a pretty good mixture of experimental tracks with an interesting ambience and some very catchy tunes that make me want to ride a horse and eat Skittles. They do remind me of a several bands you would hear  on TV commercials for iTunes and car makers with that very folksy vibe that is so popular now. Some of the standout tracks are ” The Moon Rides HIgh” a very nice Sgt Peppers feel here.

“Lindyshop” an upbeat track with a nice hook. “Unicorn Loves Deer” this one belongs in a Napoleon Dynamite  styled movie with its tamborine and piano and simple use of percussion setting the pace for this one. This is a pretty good soundtrack for a picnic at the park or just to sit around and sip wine to.

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  1. Thank god some bloggers can write. Thank you for this blog!

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