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Crave Weekly Wrap Up

Tortillas on the beach

by Steven Doyle  

For those loyal Crave followers you already know that this was a big week in Dallas and Fort Worth. We had our crews out on the street covering the many events and appreciate all the tips that you give us. That’s what makes crave so interactively fun. 

We want to give a special shout out to Chef Stephan Pyles for reporting in on his trip to Zihuatanejo, he was very kind to contribute his amazing experience with us and hope to see the chef and many others like him reporting back on their many travels. This is something uniquely Crave.

Ask Toni made her debut to the Crave pages this week and we appreciate her thoughtful advice. Based on the numbers a great many of you read and enjoyed her new column. I ran into Toni last evening and she had a sweet grin on her face, but she always has that smile about her. We received some nice emails for her and look forward to many more columns from Toni. Write her directly at with your questions or comments.

Our thoughts are still on Japan and how these proud people are dealing with their many disasters that hit them some weeks ago. Recovery will take months if not years, and there are several things we can do to help on a local level. One is to attend the Flood of Emotion event at Allied Stone all day tomorrow. Literally hundreds of local talented people have donated their time and energy towards relief including artists, photographers, sculptors, chefs, poets and performers. The event will feature food, bands and drinks all the proceeds benefiting UNICEF and Japanese relief. Common Table also is having their own event to support Japan. Check these stories out on our pages today.

Our own staff sommelier, David Donalson, visited Inwood Estates this week and enjoyed a pre-release tasting of the very limited Cornelious Reserve Tempranillo that had found to be amazing. Check out one of the release events next week for a taste yourself. Tonight David is attending the 2011Côtes du Coeur that benefit’s the American Heart Association. He will be back next week to advise us on his wine findings and we look forward to his report.

Chefs on Fire is Sunday. This free event benefit’s the Parkland Burn Unit and will feature 50 chefs paired with a fireman in a grilling battle that everyone can witness first hand. This is a family friendly event that will feature chefs, firemen, fire engines, helicopters and food. Sounds like something for everyone!

This coming week promises plenty of new adventures in Crave. We hope you check us out daily and bring a few friends. Also, we want to know what you crave. Tell us the kind of events or people you wish for us to cover and we will.

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