Red Dog Right Does No Wrong

by Steven Doyle

When first walking into Red Dog Right  you will notice a few things. Sure, it’s a sports bar and they have more than a plethora of televisions, almost 40 of the buggers – some lining a bank of booths to the right flank, others in the men’s locker room so you never miss a play.  Or perhaps you will take notice of the bar that opens circularly taking in the open air and revealing a volleyball court.

Definitely you will see a tavern that looks wholesome and functional as the neighborhood it rests in, and there is a good reason for that. The city fathers of Southlake demanded it be that way. The owners of Red Dog Right were hoping for a bouncing and busty Twin Peaks operation, but instead they had to create a love-child that that was more appropriate for Southlake and unto them a child was born that served up some pretty amazing bar food that could be washed down with some very cold beer.

And Southlake said it was good.

The night I ventured into Red Dog Right, which appropriately is a football term for a blitz, the odd tavern was well lit and bustling with single women enjoying cocktails, a birthday party, and what looked to be an office celebration. There were even a few families huddled together. The Manager Jimmy Fell must have been in ecstasy. And yes, he’s the same Jimmy that was formerly Sevy’s  General Manager.

Red Dog has a great setting that wants to be part of something very Southlake, and it seemingly works. The cocktails come from the same program that Whiskey Cake enjoys, the food is chef crafted, and everyone smiles.

Since I was in a large group I was able to try a good portion of the menu including a few of the sandwiches — all hail the Roast Beef Pretzel Melt and the Man vs. Sandwich.

Man vs Sandwich

The roast beef sandwich is served with an over-the-top portion of beef with all the usual sandwich toppings and dressed with a horseradish mayo then crowned with a house-made soft pretzel bun. These are the same soft pretzels they kick up as an appetizer. This sandwich rocks the house, and is served with skinny fries that are again made in-house.

Then you have your Man vs. Sandwich. It is exactly as you would think it should be, piled high with heart busting fillings made from every selection found in a deli case then served between thick slices of grilled sourdough bread and eventaully stabbed with a giant steak-eater knife. You will need the knife, because for fourteen bucks this sandwich is definitely share worthy.

Soft pretzel goodness

From the starter menu you will not wish to miss out on the pizza rolls or the seventh inning dip. This isn’t your mothers layered dip, instead it is packed full of beefy freshness and all the accruements you might expect in such a dip. Good stuff.

The wings are worthy as well, all nine flavors of them. There are a few cute ssauces in the mix, including one that is Coca Cola based and a pretty damned good orange sesame, but go for the hot or hotter wings. They will service your appetite well.

The hyper beer fanatic might find the brew list slightly pedestrian, but there are a few good selections to prevent them from causing a scene. The drink of the night proved to be the Salty Dog, a hand-squeezed glass of fresh grapefruit juice with generous supply of Sobreski.  This is the very same drink that Rip Torn preferred when he played Artie the producer on the Larry Sanders Show. 

My table mates slurped up a few of Red Dogs The Devil Wears Nada, a playful cocktail made with VeeV Acai Spirit, muddled strawberries and fresh lime juice. The acai spirit is similar to vodka but made with acai the Brazilian fruit that is said to the one of the healthiest foods on the planet. If you think long enough you may giggle at the prospects, but I sampled and it tasted damned good.

7th Inning Dip will make you stretch

For my taste I passed on the adult milkshakes, but the bartendress assured me they sold plenty of the faddish libation.

Red Dog Right may be outside the loop and to the left of me, but I do find myself occasionally wandering the streets of Southlake. If you find yourself looking for a relaxed atmosphere on the eastern side of the 817 area code, check out the place for yourself.

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