The Crave – Breaking The Silence

by Bryan Coonrod

With a band name like The Crave  we had to review them. Hailing from Brighton in the UK, but yet sounding very American with anthem rock songs similar to Buckcherry and Nickleback, this new release should be playing on your radio very soon. If this band wasn’t meant for the pages of Crave DFW I don’t know what band would, the lead track is called Cooking In The Kitchen what a great fit for us.  Cooking In The Kitchen is a great hard rocking song about all the crazy things you might have seen from your youth like your mom cooking, your big sister sneaking out of the house and your little brother being a pest and a dear old dad that likes to gamble. An anthem for white trash America perhaps?

Overall this is a great album to pop in and head out for a drive ,just try not to get a speeding ticket. Mixed in are a few down tempo rockers to balance out this debut release from these boys from Brighton. If they head out on tour to Dallas be assured we will be there.

Stand out tracks – Cooking in The Kitchen, Something Beautiful, All Of Me, Breaking The Silence, Surrender & Retreat and Mercenary Man which you can grab for free on their webpage.

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