Howard Wang Now On Lemmon

by Steven Doyle

Howard Wang’s, the North Dallas Chinese eatery located on Midway and Northwest Highway next to Suze has a new outpost at 3223 Lemmon Avenue at Carlisle. You will find this above average neighborhood restaurant appealing to the eye as well as the palate.

Wang’s is best known for their delivery of perfectly fine Chinese-American cuisine that stands on the shoulders of lesser restaurants of the genre.

This is where you will find a good Sizzling Beef (think Chinese fajita using tenderloin), many fresh seafood dishes (Crispy Whole Fish and Soft Shell Crabs when available), great noodle dishes and other  favorites that can be lazily brought to your door day and night.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Wang.


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3 responses to “Howard Wang Now On Lemmon

  1. I wish that was in my neighborhood. We have NO good Chinese in the area.

    • Twinwillow

      Don’t worry, Margie. You’re not missing anything. IMHO, Howard Wang’s is a terrible excuse for a Chinese restaurant. They pre-fry all their fried items making them inedible after the second fry.
      And, most all their other food is just plain average Chinese-American. Not worth a visit as far as I’m concerned.
      If I’m going to eat good Chinese-American food, I’ll got to Royal China.

  2. Elizabeth Bair

    I’m always amazed that there are few good delivery options in Dallas. Howard Wang’s is a great addition to the neighborhood, but I still miss delivery from Farnatchi. I know they’re part of that Dining In website, but I refuse to wait over an hour for pizza.

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