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Best Buddies: Sweet Success

by Steven Doyle

photos by Natalie Holl

Last evening was the second run for Best Buddies and their Life is Sweet affair at Victoria Hall inside Andrew Ormsby Catering. Best Buddies is the really cool organization that pairs young men and women with special needs with a caring mentor to pursue careers and and assist in developing job skills and building their resumes. 

The event raised a considerable um of cash needed to fund the local chapter of Best Buddies that is run by Annabelle Baxter.

Baxter tirelessly spent months working with chef Janice Provost of Parigi to find chefs and prepare for the bright evening.  The night was emceed by the delightful Gary Cogill who seems to be most everywhere these days.

It was a moving night for the second event of its kind in Dallas, so much so that our photographer asked to be assigned more events like this that were much more fulfilling for her than most.

Each guest had the ability to vote for their favorite dessert of the evening, and Team Parigi ran away with the prize. Team Parigi  served the ever popular chocolate glob assisted by buddy Lisa. Team Bolsa created white chocolate rum tiles with the wistful help of buddy Mollie. Team Restaurant Ava threw down with a bread pudding made from butterscotch (yum) overseen by buddies Austin and Christi. Team Steel made chocolate sushi with buddy Sabrina, and Jeffrey Hobbes from Suze helped buddy Tyler create a beautiful strawberry shortcake.

Please check out some winning photographs by our Natalie Holl.

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