Craving Crave: Hot Burlesque Action

By StealingKitty    photos by Mark Kaplan

Hot burlesque at a lesbian bar? Why haven’t they thought of this sooner? Friday night I checked out Sexy-Mic Comedy & Burlesque to see Courtney Crave in action. Her smokin’ hot number to Def Leopard’s, ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’, had the women up on their feet begging for more. It mixed good old fashioned stripper sensibility with bombshell burlesque attraction. So hot sticky sweet. 

Courtney Crave moved from Germany to Dallas around the age 20. She continued traveling back to Germany, doing six months of school here and then 6 months there. She has a degree in psychology and boasts a 4.0 all throughout her academic career. Her intelligence gives her an edge in the sexy business of fetish modeling and burlesque.

A few hours with Ms. Crave discussing politics, perception, and sex, I learned pretty isn’t just an adjective, it’s a verb. She is comfortable in her own skin and this translates in print and on stage. I admire her take charge attitude and was inspired with her professionalism. The dichotomy of her strong personality and feminine moves had me fall in love with her just a little that day.

Courtney Crave is the girl you want to entertain you, be your bff, go to yoga with you, bake cookies, and at the end of the day hold onto you. She was a surprise to me. Her personality makes a room of dudes feel at ease while she charms them into submission. I will never forget the night at Sue Ellen’s I first saw Courtney Crave perform and I doubt anyone else in attendance will ever forget it either. German Bombshell so grown and pretty.

Craving more? Check her blog out at or if you are interested in booking her, go to her website: .

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