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Cocktail of the Week: Bolsa

by Steven Doyle

Last evening I had a chance to stop in Bolsa for a nibble and a few cocktails. If you recall Wednesday is when Bolsa has their special cocktail night where they take suggestions from Facebook  friends in pairing ingredients with the spirit of the week to make five lush specialty cocktails.

Walking into Bolsa we were greeted by one of our favorite barmen in Dallas, Eddie “Lucky” Campbell. Lucky has been busy as of late not only covering his shifts at Bolsa, but also developmental work for the cocktail program at Mesa  (the hot new Mex-Mex in Oak Cliff) and is about to introduce the new cocktails at Bailey’s Prime Plus  next week in a collaboration with Cedars Social Michael Martensen.

This city of ours is fast becoming steeped up in cocktail holiness and we are all the beneficiary.

If my head is hurting today, and I am walking a bit slower than normal then allow me to show you why.  Jump!  

The cocktail of the week would be too easy for Campbell, so he asked if he could make two — at the same time.  We agreed wholeheartedly.  Two are always better than one.

This week’s drinks will be the Clementine Smash and another simply called Tiramisu.

It’s hard to keep pace with Lucky, but he starts both drinks with a generous supply of Makers Mark.

Having worked back behind the bar  for one solid day with Lucky just a few months ago I learned not to try and keep pace with his X-Men blazing speed. We will add a recipe for the Clementine Smash below. 

The Tiramisu is ingredient happy and includes a chocolate syrup from Dude Sweet Chocolate, a farm fresh whole egg, a house-made mascarpone cream sauce and crushed lady fingers, and of course the Makers.

The Smash is more my speed. Easier ingredients but oh so incredible.  I suggest you allow Lucky to make yours, but if you feel the need to concoct  something here is a recipe:

Clementine Smash
In a shaker muddle half a Clementine
1/4 ounce lemon juice
3/4 ounce simple syrup
2 ounces makers Mark
6 to 8 mint leaves

Combine all the ingredients then shake 23 times (don’t ask).  Strain over a tall glass of heaping crushed ice, leaving a large mound of ice at the top. Give the drink 3 dashes of Angostura bitters. Garnish with more mint and a wedge of Clementine.


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