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Dallas Mavericks Beat the Heat

by Steven Doyle

Unless you were locked in a wine cellar all evening, and how could that possibly suck, you by now know that the Mavericks ripped the 2011 NBA Finals from Miami last night. As the prior post indicated I was at the Taste of the Nation event at Stephan Pyles.

During a spirited live auction that raised thousands of dollars to defeat hunger in North Texas the Mavericks were close to a victory. The auctioneer caved into the madness that was swelling in the Pyles bar as at least 100 people filled the area. Next to me was a screaming Dan Landsberg who was employed as executive chef at SP back in 2006 for game 6 when the Mavs lost and he refused to allow that to happen again. 

Also next to me was the very luck-inspiring Blythe Beck who had worn her lucky Maverick shirt all evening under her chef coat. To my immediate right was Stephan Pyles. I had whispered as the minutes were flying off the clock that this would be one of those historic “where were you when” scenarios. He smiled and cheered as the Mavs ran down the last few seconds remaining on the clock.

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Heat 105 to 95 .

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