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ZaZa Continues to Rock Brunch

by Steven Doyle

This weekend Hotel ZaZa saw another session of its third-weekend Sunday School Brunch. The brunch features eggs, pancakes, lobster frittatas and the usual brunch fare kicked up with bottles of champagne and pitchers of strong mimosas to take the edge off the weekend revelry that rocked the hotel’s previous nights hoopla.

The brunch is so much more than a plate of scrambled eggs. Soon after sitting the room darkens and the music thrills the air to continue the party for those that just do not quite want the party to end.

The staff fully embraces the Sunday afternoon party by dressing the part. Even chef de cuisine Bradford Hodgkins played it up by dressing in his best nerdy school girl regalia, replete with locks and freckles. Fortunately there is plenty of eye candy to go around to make up for the playful chef.   

For those not familiar with Hodgkins, he is an accomplished chef hired by ZaZa’s exec Dan Landsberg. They both previously worked at Stephan Pyles and Bradford has toqued many kitchens in Dallas, revered highly by his fellow chefs for his technical precision.

We saw Bradford later that evening and he was still sporting his freckle make-up.

As the music continued the famous dancing panda was seen throwing down on a table causing the crowd to roar and raise their glasses once again.

ZaZa is known for the extra-level parties and this is certainly no exception. For the third Sunday Brunch each month, class is in session.


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