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Chef DAT Underground Vegan Dinner

by Crave Staff

Last weekend craveDFW hosted a vegan event at the Milestone Culinary Center with an amazing turnout from vegans and non-vegans alike.  The dining lifestyle is gaining plenty of momentum in the DFW area which is why we added Vegan Girl to our staff.  Thousands of people read her each week.

Today we were sent a press release about a vegan underground dinner that will be hosted by MY Private Chef Kitchens and David Anthony Temple, the Dallas underground chef that has been creating so much talk in the food world.  David was one of the trio of chefs we featured last week handling his dishes skillfully and packed with flavor. Now you can experience his cuisine and here are all the details: 

When: Tomorrow! June 30, 2011
Where: My Private Chef Kitchen and Showroom at 2901 Elm Street, Dallas
Time: 8pm
Cost: $60/person + gratuity
Menu: Vegan
Special Notes: BYOB!

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