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People’s Choice Award: The Cocktail

by Crave Staff

It can be said with much certainty that the Crave Crew enjoys a good cocktail.  We spend most of our week hunting down the next best concoction to quench our thirst in this hot Texas sun, and definitely have our favorites.

Interesting enough, we have seen a trend where really great barmen have trained staffers who eventually fly the coop and go on to lay claim to their own brand of cocktail.  This is only good for the city of people just like us at crave, and you who might be reading this today. 

This week’s People’s Choice Award is for the best cocktail.  Think long, think hard, and put on your finest Mad Men gear.  Go out and sample a few if necessary, but bring us your absolute favorite drink and let us know where it is from and who makes it just the way you like.

Let’s here it DFW! Your pick will receive a fine commemorative plaque and one of the commenter’s will receive a gift certificate good for many cocktails or dinner for two (whichever comes first).


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