People’s Choice Award: The Cocktail

by Crave Staff

It can be said with much certainty that the Crave Crew enjoys a good cocktail.  We spend most of our week hunting down the next best concoction to quench our thirst in this hot Texas sun, and definitely have our favorites.

Interesting enough, we have seen a trend where really great barmen have trained staffers who eventually fly the coop and go on to lay claim to their own brand of cocktail.  This is only good for the city of people just like us at crave, and you who might be reading this today. 

This week’s People’s Choice Award is for the best cocktail.  Think long, think hard, and put on your finest Mad Men gear.  Go out and sample a few if necessary, but bring us your absolute favorite drink and let us know where it is from and who makes it just the way you like.

Let’s here it DFW! Your pick will receive a fine commemorative plaque and one of the commenter’s will receive a gift certificate good for many cocktails or dinner for two (whichever comes first).



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27 responses to “People’s Choice Award: The Cocktail

  1. Leann Berry’s “El Guero” at Komali is amazing! She gets my vote.

  2. Leann is a great bartender. I’m loving that Moscow Mule at Cedars Social. Do we only get to vote once?

  3. Kentucky Buck, used to be at Bolsa but now at Cedars Social. Bolsa has best cocktail menu, but i love me a kentucky buck.

  4. Sandy

    Cedar Social makes great albeit small drinks.

  5. the cumberfuck at the Grapevine made by Gail Kerr!!!

  6. S P

    I live across the street from Cedar so I am able to walk home with little difficulty but the drinks are really reall really good.

  7. The White Bloody Mary I had at RedFork the other day was pretty good, too!

  8. Michhonea

    I second Slade, Gail’s cumberf**k is so refreshing when its this f**king hot!

  9. Sean

    Gold Rush at Victor Tango’s. Outstanding!

  10. Nick

    Root 80 at Bolsa. Pretty much all of Bolsa’s drinks are delicious.

  11. Jeff

    Pepper Smash at VTs is pretty good too!

  12. Stephen Marsh

    Another vote for El Guero at Komali!

  13. Clow

    All of the cocktails at Komali have been fantastic.

  14. RKS

    I like the cocktails at Komali. Whenever Lucky’s place opens, it will be tops!

  15. sandra

    We LOVE cocktails and the great ressurgence of cocktails in Dallas. We live in HP and our nabe fave is Komali, followed by Tre’s new place in HP Village.

  16. Reggie K.

    First pick, Komali because they’re so unique. Second pick, Cedars Social for the old school cocktails.

  17. Liz

    Vodka martini with a twist at The Grape is a long-standing favorite and accomplishes the additional quest to have as many charcuterie plates as possible.

    For inventive modern cocktails, I like the Gin Gimlet at Bolsa and Dr Pig is a big fan of their Kentucky Colonel.

  18. Rob

    Love the Root 80 at Bolsa.

  19. Gail Kerr’s CumberF*ck at the Grapevine

  20. Dory

    We went to Komali after we saw it got the best cocktail award in D magazine. KILLER.

  21. Dory's Husband

    I went with my wife and totally agree. Komali has the best cocktail program in Dallas right now.

  22. KSanders

    For interesting Mexican inspired cocktails I like Komali, but I do like what I had at Marquee Grill too.

  23. Ryan

    Meddlesome Moth’s Jalapeno-Basil Cocktail is amazing! House infused jalapeno tequila with fresh basil! Refreshing and different, great on a hot day.

  24. Moscow Mule Cedars Social

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