Rockstar of the Art World in Dallas

by Crave Staff

Wisby – Smith Fine Art Gallery and Hudson Ferus Vodka present an extraordinary collection of works by Artist Michael Godard.  Michael Godard, is known as the explosive “Rockstar of the Art World”, and global top selling artist!

His world of art invites us into his lighthearted perspective of life surrounding us, with animated olives, grapes and, dancing strawberries. His unique portrayal of fun is an exciting combination of imagination and subtle humor, which evoke the creative side in “Olive” us right down through our souls. He has redefined art as we know it with a new definition and of course a punch line. 

Come meet Michael Godard at this very special event and enjoy complimentary beverages provided by Hudson Ferus Vodka.

Wisby – Smith Fine Art Gallery
Thursday, August 18 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm
500 Crescent Court
Dallas, Texas 75201


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3 responses to “Rockstar of the Art World in Dallas

  1. Michael

    While I wouldn’t go so far as the statement below, it does provide an interesting juxtaposition to what you wrote.

    I think that’s a little harsh, but personally, Mr. Godard’s work reminds me more of this:

    than anything I’d call great art.

  2. Wisby’s website only mentions Godard appearing Friday and Saturday (19th & 20th). Will this event be different than Friday or Saturday’s?

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