Anejo Ceviche Strikes Gold

by Steven Doyle

We had a chance to check out a tequila grotto in the Mid-Cities recently and had to report in that we really enjoyed the hospitality and cocktails at Anejo House of Tequila  in North Richland Hills. True to their name, Anejo stocks about as many premium brands of tequila as we have seen, and certainly the most in any suburban outpost. 

The true winner of this night was the ceviche. Simply put, the creamy concoction was made up of an addictive selection of mahi mahi, shrimp, scallops, and avocados, along with spices and a drizzling of citrus. The result was happy and addictive. Some of the very best we have had recently and a great summer cooling dish. Aren’t we all looking for some of that?

Anejo House of Tequila
9159 Grapevine Hwy
North Richland Hills
(817) 485-9900


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2 responses to “Anejo Ceviche Strikes Gold

  1. Bill

    Ceviche really starting to hit it big in Dallas.

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