Whachu Tacobot Willis? Tortas La Hechizera

by Danielle Leahy   photos by Jacque Manaugh

Tortas La Hechizera on Maple is the kind of undiscovered gem that makes true “Street Taco” believers out of people. Located on Maple at Inwood this small building hides a delightfully cheery and open interior, despite it’s “hole in the wall” facade. The sparkling clean dining room and mouth watering professional photos of the food on display are more reminiscent of modern day fast food chain than your typical taco stand.

The menu at La Herchizera is vast. They have tacos, tortas, tostados, huaraches, tlacoyos, and pambazos just to name a few. With over 12 meats to choose from ranging from hotdog to cow hoof there is not much you CAN’T get at La Herchizera. The tacos we ordered were of good size, hearty on the meat, with a huge pile of cilantro and onions on the side.  

The lime slices came in small individual plastic bags and the house salsa is a creamy, smoky, bright orange chipotle that packs the kind of come-from-behind punch that left many of the bots gasping for waters and fanning their faces. This is not a “dunking” salsa. It demands your respect.

The big winners of the evening were hands down the gigantic Torta Cubana and the “corn in a cup” from the elotes stand outside. The Torta Grande Cubana is a monstrosity of a sandwich made with ham, steak Milanese, hotdog, avocado, two types of cheese, onions, and tomatoes and using an entire round loaf of bread. This sandwich feeds four. It was delicious and surprisingly cohesive tasting despite the vast array of competing ingredients.

What can I say about Elotes en Vaso? For those who are still un-initiated in the world of Mexican Corn let me explain. Take a perfectly grilled ear of sweet corn and cut the niblets into a cup. Smother it in mayonnaise, butter, cream, and cotija cheese. Add lime juice, cayenne, cilantro, salt and pepper.

Basically take what could of been a relatively healthy vegetable and turn it into the most amazing, artery clogging, hip growing, cup of creamy, spicy, gooey goodness imaginable. It’s every thing corn should and shouldn’t be all at the same time. You MUST try it. Your mouth will thank me, even if your hips don’t.

For any traditional Tex-Mex taco lovers out there that have yet to make the jump into true Mexican street tacos I highly recommend Tortas La Herchizera as a starting point. The combination of great food, traditional ingredients, friendly staff, bilingual menu, and squeaky clean interior would make any first timers feel comfortable. And once you master the intricacies of pastor, barbacoa, and carnitas; lengua, tinga, and cow hoof are just a step away!

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