Win Dinner at Jorge’s

by Steven Doyle

Earlier today we enticed you with Hatch Pepper offerings from Jorge’s on One Arts Plaza. In going through our prize closet we just ran across a gift certificate to Jorge’s in the amount of 25 bucks. We would like to hand this out today to one lucky craveDFW reader so you can enjoy some of the things Steven and Rod had last night.  How to win? Jump! 

To win, give us a good Hatch story. It could be about your favorite recipe, restaurant using the pepper, or a visit to the town in new Mexico. We will randomly draw a name from any entries and make sure you have the certificate pronto so you can savor the flavor of Hatch.



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17 responses to “Win Dinner at Jorge’s

  1. My story comes with a picture & a recipe (on my blog).

  2. My story comes with a picture & a recipe. Click on the link to my food blog.

  3. I am told that our site might be having trouble accepting comments. Keep trying, these things do not last long.

  4. My story comes with a picture & recipe! (from my blog).

  5. My story come with a recipe (from my blog).

  6. I had the best hatch burger at the landing during last year’s pepper window! Truly fantastic!

  7. marie hentschel

    I just cooked with the peppers for the first time last week, I grilled them outside yummy! But I do want to say I burnt my hands a bit on the pepper juice. Next time I’m wearing gloves. But they were worth it!

  8. Monica

    Growing up in New Mexico, green chile was a standard ingredient in our Mexican food so I grew up taking it for granted. Although I’ve never regretted the move to Texas, the first few years were pretty rough. We didn’t have an appreciation for the poblano, and it required annual pilgrimage out west to acquire our supply of frozen Hatch chiles. Now I’m thankful for all of the wonderful places to get the taste I crave within just a few minutes of home!

  9. Rob

    One time at band camp I stuck a Hatch Chili……

  10. They are my favorite sort of chili because they remind me of Lost.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t eaten them very often. I would love to try them again! 🙂

  11. Douglas Martin

    Salmon Stuffed Hatch Chile Rellenos


  12. Terry Kay

    Actually, I need another try at grilling/eating hatch chilis. I was extremely disappointed in the ones I bought last week. They were tasteless……I look forward to the time that they are in season, and was wondering if the heat had ruined them this year. I will try to buy some more at a different location.

  13. Matt M

    I made jimmys sausage and pepperoni with sautéed hatch chiles.

    Also hatch chile mild Jimmy sausage omelet with mozzarella.

    Big fan Of hatch to say the least

  14. Kat

    I took Ann Gentry Healthy Hatch class Monday night at Central Market and I will cooking up all those wonderful healthy hatch recipes all weekend. I will definitely need a night out after all that cooking.

  15. nylund

    My first experience with a hatch burger was a few years back. My friend had gotten a job as a stylist on the show Breaking Bad. This was back before the first episode had even aired (little did I know that I’d later love that show). My girlfriend and I decided to take a road trip to Albuquerque to visit our friend in her new town. Most of our trip was actually just the drive two and from ABQ with only two nights actually spent there. Our visit happened to be the same time as their big air balloon festival. Since that was very early in the morning, we decided to make it a quiet night in. Our hosts took us out for hatch pepper burgers (maybe at Griffs? Can’t recall). It was my first experience with hatch peppers and I was in love.

    As the hot air balloon festival ended up being canceled due to strong wins, the hatch burger ended up being one of the bigger highlights of our short stay in Albuquerque.

  16. Congrats to nyland, today’s winner. We will be in contact about your prize.

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