More Reality Hits Dallas

by Bryan Coonrod

It seems the world of reality TV is shining it’s spotlight on Dallas as of late with the current shows Most Eligible Dallas and Big Rich Texas already on air another new one will join in the form of The Dallas Life. Described as 12 strangers in 1 house it’s a formula done before but the producers promise some surprising twists. The show will begin to air in October on KTXA 21.

From the Dallas Life Facebook fan page “Strangers from all around DFW will be living together under one roof. All are from different backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual identities, income levels, and religious beliefs. PS: There will be some major surprises that no one sees coming. Stay tuned.”   

This Tuesday you can meet the cast at Greenville Avenue Pizza Company, Lower Greenville’s popular late night pizza place for the last 4 years. If you haven’t tried GAPC this is your opportunity to meet the cast and try their soon to be marketed “Pizza Crack” topping on a slice of their pizza.

Be sure to come visit GAPC on Thursdays as the show’s cast will be working their as part of the show and the cameras will be rolling.



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  1. Oh no, this sure seems like the real world!
    Do Dallas Cheap

  2. ethan


  3. Jason


  4. Hot Mess

    This shiz is gonna be awesome!!

  5. TS

    David is the most horrible person you will ever meet. I think it’s so funny how fake he will be to make people like him. Watch out everyone. He will charm you and steal from you, lie to you, and use you.

  6. Oh God

    This show is really gonna tickle my fancy. Can’t WAIT!

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