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Celebrate International Bacon Day in Dallas

by Steven Doyle

The Sunday before Labor Day is officially International Bacon Day. We all really get a kick out of these reasons to celebrate, no matter how coerced they may be, but bacon has every right to be a true holiday that should be replete with Hallmark loving, gift exchanges, party hats, the day off from work and much ballyhoo. All businesses should close with the exception of IHOP and Waffle House where bacon runs amok.

In honor of Bacon Day we bring you five bacony ideas that will help you celebrate the holiday with a crunch.  

Restaurant Ava, The Grape, and Smoke at the Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff each offer some of the best house-made bacon in Dallas. Each of the chefs at these establishments will show you the way to the Bacon Innerlight, offering burgers, salads, brunch fare and any reason to show off their bacon prowess.

We are listing Bolsa separately in the restaurant bacon list because they make an inventive and all-inclusive bacon made of beef. The bacon is lip-smacking good and the best part we can bring our kosher observant friends to partake in the holiday rituals.

Ricky Avila, owner of Mextopia, celebrates bacon each week with two happy hours where he freely hands out bacon to his guests. Although not made in house, Avila’s bacon is given extra treatment with a dousing of brown sugar to the already thick and smoky strips. This is a bottomless supply of bacon that you can share with friends and family.

Cook your own bacon by purchasing some of the best Dallas has to offer. For over-the-counter grocery bacon we suggest Nueske’s sold across the country. Their apple wood smoked bacon is some of the best and can be found at area Central Markets. Other great supplies of bacon made here in Dallas can be found at Kuby’s, Rudolph’s, David’s, and Hirsch’s.

The Canadian Healthcare donut at Hypnotic pays a respectable homage to the cured meat and celebrates bacon daily with added bacon chunks and maple frosting. Hypnotic’s philosophy is that different is good. Try something different this weekend and celebrate.

Finally, as a bonus we suggest you make your own bacon by attending one of chef Andre Bedeuret’s classes at the Milestone. The man is a charcuterie genius and a true Dallas treasure.

This bacon holiday accept no limp bacon and stand erect in celebration! While on the bacon mind-set check out Nikki Rosen from North Haven Gardens and her thoughts on the holiday.


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