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What You Didn’t See on craveDFW This Week

by Steven Doyle

Each week the various writers of craveDFW are hitting the streets with zeal looking for fun and interesting news to bring our readers. We feel the mix of contributors from restaurant industry professionals, artists, enthusiasts, and photographers keeps us on the cutting edge of the Dallas scene.

Many weeks there are articles written by other top-tiered food blogs that we wish we had written first. Because of these instances, we often choose not to re-write the same information you probably gleaned elsewhere. Starting this week we will mention those stories that interested us, and share the links as a service to our readers. 

Last night was Suze chef Jeffrey Hobbs final shift at the North Dallas restaurant as he joins his buddy Jack Perkins of Maple & Motor in a few collaborative efforts. We will follow up on the story as Hobbs releases the information, but Nancy Nichols at D’s Sidedish scoops the pack.

Uncle Nancy also was first on the scene to mention that Terrilli’s is opening tonight after their hiatus caused by a massive fire that devastated the building on Greenville Avenue.

Teresa Gubbins wowed her readers with new information about the most anticipated grocery news to hit Dallas since the arrival of Central Market. We have known for some time that Trader Joes would be making a move to Dallas, and we heard very reliable information that has since changed. Gubbins gets the scoop on the new location.

After Nichols gave us the news that Blythe Beck was leaving the fold at Central 214, Mike Hiller at EscapeHatch tells us about the replacement(s). Seems that a gaggle of Top Chefs will be staging at the bright Mockingbird hotel for at least six months.

Other good reading on the Dallas blogs this week includes the new Urban Epicurious who offers a look at the past weekend’s Chocolate Conference and supplies a flourless choco-cake recipe to boot. Also new-to-Dallas Scott Reitz over at my old alma mater, the Dallas Observer, performs a compare and contrast critic thing at The Grape that we found interesting.

And finally, @Common_Table had this to tweet, and it made our day: “Need a clown (w/ the costume, etc.) to work an event. Pays $25/hr + free scotch, taxi & smokes. Must be adept @ balloon animals. No joke.”


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